Kenyan Households to Enjoy Subsidized Prizes on Maize Flour

By Vera Shawiza / May 17, 2017

The government of Kenya has partnered with various millers to offer white maize flour at subsidized rates across the country

This is reported to be part of the governments food subsidy program that seeks to reverse the recent rise in prices of essential food commodities.

A 2-kilogram packet of maize flour which was retailing at an average of 150 shillings will now be accessed at 90 shillings while a kilogram of the same will retail at 47 shillings respectively. This comes as a great relief to most Kenyan households who have been digging deep into their pocket to be able to afford the commodity.

This came along after the Kenyan government came to the rescue of majority of Kenyans from the middle and low income households who have been facing challenges in accessing the commodity as the prices had greatly skyrocketed beyond their reach.

According to the Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Willy Bett, a kilogram packet of maize flour will be sold at 47 shillings, adding that the government will spend a total of 6 billion shillings on the subsidy.

For the flour to come down to as low as 90 shillings for a 2-kilogram bag, local millers will now be able to purchase a 90-kilogram bag of dry maize at 2,300 shillings, down from an average of 4,500 shillings in the past few months.

The CS noted that the subsidized maze flour will bear the label of the Kenyan Government.

“Millers will process, package and distribute the maize flour from this subsidy program in packets clearly and boldly marked “GoK Food Subsidy” in line with the approved subsidy mark,” stated Bett.

Under this subsidy scheme, the Ministry of Agriculture shall undertake a promotion campaign of the program to create public awareness of the subsidy program. Millers have authorized the ministry to use its sifted maize brand name in the subsidy program together with other brands for Cereal Millers Association participating members in the promotion campaign.


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