New Digital Shopping Innovation Storms The Kenyan Market

By Soko Directory Team / May 12, 2017

internet and communication technology (ict)

M-Pesa hailed as the ‘Kenyan technology success story’ many have claimed it to be the testimony to the greatness of the East African country’s technology companies that rival those in South Africa. Since its inception, back in 2007, the service has been able to transform the lives of ordinary Mwananchi to the top decision makers in the country. Time to time it is releasing new services which grow rapidly

Uber recently stormed their innovation to the market by offering mobile transport were in Kenya we have more than 10,000 People have expanded their business horizons.

Now it’s time for another unique innovation from Kenya.

K3retail is a digital shopping innovation that has recently launched into the technology space with their innovative retail channel for E-Taxi drivers. Where an E-taxi drive can convert their passengers to profitable customers. It is also a convenient way for the passengers to shop from K3 Store on go shop providing easy access and the wide verity of their products, genuine & guaranteed electronics, appliances, mobiles etc.

After successful pilot running with E-taxi drives in Nairobi, K3 is expanding to recruit more E-Taxi drivers to all over Kenya.

This innovative platform gives e-taxi drivers an extra avenue of increasing their business opportunities.

K3 also encourage new foreign companies who want to enter the Kenyan market, with an already existing sales channel to penetrate the market, in addition, K3 also offers an avenue for local business enterprises to sell their product using K3 Store on Go sales channel, without having any investments for distribution and marketing. K3 group Kenya Managing Director Mr. Basil says he is more curious to have local manufacturers on board as vendors.

K3 Store on goes also a platform that is bridging the gap for those many manufacturers struggling in the market for having retail space to showcase their product.

The Unique Selling Proposition of K3 Store on go to the E-taxi drivers is that they can be able to track sales, it also connects to MPESA where the E-taxi drivers will be able to receive their margin from the sales made on same day. During the time when the E-taxi drivers are not busy they can also share the product links via social media to increase their target sales market, where the customer can access our K3 website on their mobile or computer, and purchase drivers shared product or any other product from the website, the system will automatically allocate that sales under driver’s account.

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