Super Petrol and Kerosene Prices Up as Diesel Drops

By Juma Fred / May 15, 2017

The Energy Regulatory Commission, ERC, has announced the new fuel prices that already started taking effect on Sunday midnight and will be maintained for the next one month.

In the new fuel prices, the ERC has increased the price of super petrol by 1.59 shillings to 99.69 shillings in Nairobi. The price of diesel has dropped by 0.57 shillings while that of kerosene has gone up to 65.28 shillings per liter.

According to the ERC, the average landed cost of Super Petrol increased by 0.94 percent from US$ 563.62 per ton in March 2017 to US$ 568.92 per ton in April 2017. The landed cost of Diesel, on the other hand, decreased by 2.20 percent from US$ 504.83 per ton to US$ 493.72 per ton and the average landed cost of Kerosene increased 1.93 percent from US$ 497.44 per ton to US$ 507.02 per ton.

As the fuel products are imported, the landed cost is affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate between the Kenya Shilling and the US Dollar. The mean monthly US Dollar to Kenya Shilling exchange rate depreciated by 0.37 percent from 102.95 shillings per US Dollar in March 2017 to 103.32 shillings in April 2017.

The image below shows the pump prices of various major towns across Kenya as released by the Energy and Regulatory Commission:


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