Co-op Bank Launches Executive Banking  to meet Client’s Convenience

By Soko Directory Team / June 23, 2017

By Amina Faki

Co-operative Bank of Kenya has launched the Captain’s Club service aimed for its executive customers a networking platform for convenience.

The Captain’s Club aims to bring together  unique individuals with the aim of helping them grow, provide new opportunities and share pertinent investments and business information in an informal atmosphere.

Gilbert Angana, Head of Executive Banking said the  executive banking service was part of Cooperative Bank’s growing customer demands that needed a networking forum that would move them from one level to another.

“We listened to our customer’s feedback, and one of the feedback was that they needed a networking forum” said Angana.

“Think of it as your network not the bank’s network. A network that will help you to grow further by providing more opportunities,” he added.

Co-operative Bank of Kenya’s Executive banking caters for the evolving needs the bank’s customers, from financial, family to lifestyle. It will be a one stop shop for its customer’s financial and investment solutions.

Angana said that Co-op Bank customers wanted speed when transacting large sums of money. He added that Executive banking lobbies cater for these needs.
It said executive banking customers were those who were Executive plus customers.

Becoming a Co-op Bank Captains Club member is way simple, just by being an Executive Plus member with Co-op Bank will give an automatic membership with the Captains Club.

Membership in the Captain’s Club comes with numerous benefits:

Access to Information on Investment opportunities across the region
Executive banking customers will have a wide range of information regarding financial matters and investment opportunities. They will also get to interact with like-minded individuals both at the local and international levels.
Get dedicated relationship managers
Dedicated relationship with managers will give customers great experience, convenience and a feeling of satisfaction.
Executive Banking customers will be able to enjoy other services apart from the financial and investment services. The bank partners with other industries like hospitality who offer totally different services than banking.

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