Dear Kenyans, Elect Leaders According to Chapter Six, Article 73 of The Constitution

By Juma Fred / June 15, 2017

The elections are coming and they are coming fast. August 8th, 2017 is less than two months away and Kenyans are set to elect their leaders. What kind of leaders should you elect? What does the Constitution say about the kind of leaders we should have?

Chapter six, Article 73 (1) (2) states that the authority assigned to a State Officer (public officer):-

a) Is a public trust to be exercised in a manner that-

i) Is consistent with the purposes and objective of this Constitution

ii) Demonstrates respect for the people

iii) Brings honor to the nation and respect to the office and

iv) Promotes public confidence in the integrity of the office and

v) Vests in the State Officer the responsibility to serve the people rather than the power to rule them.

2)  The guiding principles of leadership and integrity include

a) Selection on the basis of personal integrity, competence, and suitability, or election in a free fair election.

b) Objectivity and impartiality in decision making, and in ensuring that decisions are not influenced by nepotism, favoritism, other improper motives or corrupt practices.

c) Selfless service based solely on the public interest demonstrated by:-

i) Honesty in the execution of public duties and –

ii) The declaration of any personal interest that may conflict with public duties

d) Accountability to the public for decisions and actions; and

e) Discipline and commitment in the service to the people

Dear Kenyans, before you go to the ballot, ask yourselves if the person you are going to elect suites in the guidelines and principles outlined in the constitution. Is the person you intend to elect a person of integrity? Does he/she have respect for the people? Does he consider himself/herself a servant or does he openly present himself/self as a ruler?

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