DStv Gifts Martial Art Lovers with an Action-Packed Month

By Soko Directory Team / June 13, 2017

M-Net replacing VUZU AMP with Revamped 1Magic Channel

Lovers of martial arts are in for a treat for the next one month after MultiChoice and M-Net created another thrilling movie pop-up channel, M-Net Movies Blackbelt (DStv channel 109) set to hit television screens across Africa from Thursday 15th June.

For a full 25 days after the 15th of June, DStv Premium, Compact + and Compact customers can Kung-Fu fight, Karate chop, roundhouse kick and create all kinds of pulse-pounding mayhem with the masters of martial arts.

The M-Net Movies Blackbelt pop-up channel, which will burst onto channel 109, will showcase a variety of action-packed films in this highly popular martial arts movie genre and its numerous sub-genres. Instead of only focusing on recent high-adrenaline blockbusters of the kind, the pop-up channel has been carefully curated to feature martial arts gems spanning over 40 years from around the globe.

Whether they possess the power of the Tiger Claw or the grace of the Crane Style, fans will indeed be spending time with all the industry icons, cult heroes and infamous villains whose choreographed moves and bruises have kept us enthralled over the years.

M-Net Movies Blackbelt will – amongst others – celebrate the legacies of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal and Jet Li.  This means there will be epic revenge tales, Shaolin monks, flying fists, ninja stars, dubbed classics, Van Damme splits and kicks and much more.

Even though the pop-up channel will be packed with action-fuelled movies, each day will start and end off in the company of the man whose impressive spirit and powers have spurred millions of jokes – the one and only Chuck Norris. M-Net Movies Blackbelt will screen Season 8 of his iconic series Walker Texas Ranger at 09:00 CAT, from Mondays to Sundays, and Walker Texas Ranger Season 7 at around midnight.


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