Co-op mVisa customers can make electronic payments at no extra Cost

By David Indeje / July 14, 2017

Co-operative Bank of Kenya customers can now make electronic payments from their smartphones and feature phones at no extra Cost through Co-op mVisa services.

Co-op mVisa is a cardless solution that offers customers the convenience of making digital payments at retail outlets through the bank’s mobile banking solution MCo-op cash.

With this service, users of ‘Pockets’ app can make cashless payments from their smartphones using their debit card by simply scanning a ‘mVisa’ quick response (QR) code at a merchant location without swiping the card at an EDC machine.

The service provides customers the convenience of speed to complete a transaction along with enhanced security as the card remains in possession of the customer. To use this facility, a customer is simply required to click on the ‘mVisa’ icon on the home screen of the ‘Pockets’ app.

How to access Co-op mVisa services

Cooperative Bank of Kenya customers with the MCo-op cash app, will be required to update their MCo-op cash app so as to access the mVisa.

Customers without the MCo-op cash app can access the service via the bank’s USSD *667#

Customer who are not on MCo-op service will need to register for MCo-op cash services so as to enjoy mVisa services and much more. 

How you can use Co-op mVisa

With Co-op mVisa, customers will be able to do the following services:

Pay for their goods and services at no extra cost at any mVisa merchant worldwide.

From the app customers will have the option of paying via a QR code or to manually insert the mVisa merchant ID number.

Log in to your MCo-op Cash

Choose mVisa option

Choose ‘Pay with mVisa”

At this point you can either insert the merchant ID number manually. Or scan the QR code which will automatically sense the merchant name.

For the QR code scan, a customer will be expected to hold their phones against the QR code.

After inserting the amount. The customer clicks on Pay.

Advantages of using Co-op mVisa services

Customers do not incur extra charges for using Co-op mVisa services to pay for their goods and services.

Customers can send money for FREE to another Co-op mVisa number. The money reflects in the Co-op account immediately.

Co-op customers can withdraw money from their Co-op account from a Co-op kwa jirani via mVisa.

Co-operative Bank of Kenya’s MCo-op Cash, is affordable with no fees charged for on-net transactions.

All one needs to benefit from Co-operative Bank of Kenya mobile banking unit is a Co-op Bank account, a National ID (or Passport) and a registered mobile number.

Visa Inc.  introduced mVisa, in Kenya last year partnering with Co-Operative Bank, Family Bank, KCB and NIC Bank to deliver this service to Kenyan consumers and merchants.

These features accelerate financial inclusion, a core objective of both the Kenya government and Visa. This is also in line with Visa’s 2015 commitment to the World Bank to bring the benefits of Visa and electronic payments to 500 million more people globally by the end of 2020.

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