Diversity and Inclusion report of publicly listed companies in Kenya to be launched

By David Indeje / July 17, 2017

The second Diversity and Inclusion report for Kenyan listed companies and the Influence on their financial performance will be launched on Tuesday.

Jointly published by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), Nairobi Securities Exchange and The Graca Marcel Trust  has tracked diversity in board rooms especially on the gender composition through the board diversity survey since 2012.

The report audits the diversity of management committees and boards of 62 listed companies along the following parameters: gender, age, education, profession and nationality diversity.

“The 2017 survey is the most comprehensive yet in terms of the focus areas as it measures diversity beyond gender and includes age, education, profession and nationality diversity.”

The report analyses board composition in corporate Kenya and also the Kenyan public service and compared the same to global trends in a bid to diversity and the role it plays in among other things, financial performance, social impact and investor confidence.

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Previous reports have primarily focussed on the board and on gender as the only parameter so this report has widened the scope.

Key highlights of the report indicate that gender diversity is still a mirage in many countries globally but there definitely exist concerted efforts to address this.

“No market among those surveyed or compared with had achieved a 50:50 gender balance in the boardroom-in fact Kenya was a trailblazer in not only developing markets but even in  comparison to advance markets.

In Kenya, when it came to professions, finance based career people were more present in the boardrooms than any other professions with accountants, auditors, bankers, and investment sector professionals taking over 40 percent of the slots.”

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