Commodity Prices ease  in July on good weather and Govt subsidies

By Vera Shawiza / August 1, 2017

Commodity prices reduced significantly in the month of July, bringing about a sigh of relief to Kenyan households due to trickle-down effect of improved weather conditions and government subsidies on a number of staple food items.

The commodities that are mostly being consumed by almost every household in Kenya on a daily basis include maize flour, sugar, milk, rice, onions, irish potatoes, tomatoes, Sukumawiki, cabbages and wheat flour.

According to the recent data released by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) on consumer price indices (CPI) and inflation for the month of July, inflation currently stands at 7.47 percent. CPI on the other hand decreased by 0.96 percent from 185.39 in June 2017 to 183.60 in July 2017.

A kilogram of sugar was being retailed at an average price of 156.28 shillings in June but in July, the price went down by 6.12 shillings to 150.16.  A kilogram of irish potatoes which was being sold at an average market price of 72.15 shillings in June went down to 56.75 shillings in July.

Maize in the last four months, the grain was not easily accessible in the market due to acute shortage.

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Households, especially the low and middle income ones had to go for days without the taste of it. In June, a 2-kilogram packet of maize flour was being sold at an average price of 119.08 shillings, in July in went down to 116.56 but at the moment, the prices have gone down even further to 90 shillings.

A packet of 500ml fresh milk is being sold in most supermarkets between 48 shillings and 61 shillings.

The cost of living in Kenya has been on an upward trend for the better part of the year, most of it being attributed to the acute drought that hit the country since September 2016.

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