Equity Bank launches SMS  platform for accessing credit information


Equity Bank Group, in association with TransUnion, has launched a Short Message Services (SMS) for its customers to check their credit status.

The Nipashe SMS service by TransUnion will enable Equitel users to better understand their credit status by giving them a detailed overview of their outstanding debts from various financial institutions that are listed by the bureau.

The real time visibility of one’s credit status will in turn enable Equitel subscribers manage their credit because one will be able to make informed decisions on when to make applications for credit.

Equitel subscribers can also request for a credit report, a document that shows potential and current borrowers their respective obligations in great detail

Additionally users can ask for a clearance certificate, a document that gives a potential borrower a clean bill of financial health, before applying for a loan.

They can now access information on their credit status by texting their name to 212120 and then pay a one-off Ksh50 registration fee.


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