Jubilee; Do they deserve any credit?

By Steve Biko Wafula / August 3, 2017


The first term of the Jubilee administration will be officially coming to an end on the 8th of August 2017 in line with Article 106 of the Constitution of Kenya.

Of more than the four and a half years that the Jubilee administration has been in power, there has been a lot of demonization of the regime to the extent of creating a perception that nothing good has come out of this government.

The questions that I would like to ask are, is it true that the Jubilee administration has done totally nothing for the four and a half years they have been in power? Is it fair for some people to stand on political podiums and loudly declare that the Jubilee administration has totally failed?

There is a Swahili saying that goes, “Mgala muue na haki umpe”, closely translated as “in as much as you want to kill the enemy, give him what is rightfully his.” I don’t know whether this Swahili saying relates to what some political quarters are doing to the current regime but I will try to make it relative.

As much as I would like to agree that there are some instances where the Jubilee administration has failed, I hold the view that it is extremely unfair for some people to say that the government has done totally nothing.

Here are some of the areas that the Jubilee administration, whether you hate and loath it or love and like it, has done and we mist give credit to them no matter what:

Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)

A debate is still raging on as to whether the Standard Gauge Railway was the brain of the Grand Coalition Government led by President Mwai Kobaki and the Prime Minister Raila Odinga or the initiative of the Jubilee administration.

The opposition has insisted that their Principal, Raila Odinga was the initiator of the project and that the Jubilee administration is taking credit where it is not due. The Jubilee on the other hand says that indeed Raila might have dreamed about the Standard Gauge Railway but them (Jubilee) turned the dream into reality.

Now, let us get this clear, the dreamer and one who actualizes the dream, who should take the credit? I think, the person who turns the dream into a reality is the one who deserves the credit. The SGR is in Kenya and the famous Madaraka Express is rocking between Mombasa and Nairobi with statistics showing that a total of 150,000 Kenyans have already travelled to and from Mombasa using the trains. How did these people travel? Through the dream or the reality of the dream?

The Inua Jamii Program

I learned about the Inua Jamii Program when my own 80-year-old father started earning a “salary” without “working.” The Inua Jamii program was aimed at helping the elderly and the less unfortunate in the society. In deed, the program has been as success and ask the elderly, those benefiting from the program and they will tell you that on this one, Jubilee has actually “delivered,” and that they are happy.


This has also been a subject of discussion. Many think that the Jubilee administration has deliveres less than what they claim in roads. Jubilee says that it has delivered more than 3,000 kilometers but critics say that the kilometers are farm much less. The truth is whether the Jubilee administration has delivered less kilometers or more kilometers, the administration has actually tried.


Electricity, another controversial project. I think the Jubilee administration has over delivered on this one. Almost all primary schools have electricity and many households have  electricity too. Do you remember the famous “stima kwa nyumba ya nyasi”? Well, Jubilee delivered on this to almost ” all the houses” and we must give them credit for this.

Industrial revival

Though the Jubilee administration has not done in this area, the little that has been done is visible. The administration has managed to revive some industries that were into an economic coma. For instance, Webuye Pan Paper (though this industry was sold to Rai Group, the move has enabled many people to get back their employment), Mumias Sugar (though still ailing has received money from the central government with the last batch being being three billion shillings), Nzoia Sugar Company (has received more than 300 million shillings).

National Youth Service (NYS)

Though the NYS project was marred with corruption, what the organization achieved is amazing and many young people who have gone through it are happy.

Huduma Centres

For me, this stands out as the best initiative by this government in trying to ease and bring closer to the people the services that mean a lot to them. This has changed and improved ease of doing businesses.

Maternal Health.

In simple terms, mothers are able to deliver for free in various levels of hospitals across the country. Data is out there for us all to digest and analyse and this is one are, despite the health challenges we have faced that i applaud the government on. This has greatly reduce mortality rates and its good for the country.

Well, with the above mentioned developmental projects, don’t you think that the Jubilee administration has done something to deserve credit? Even a little? Vote wisely.




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