Uber Unveils a Multi Destination Feature on their App

By Vera Shawiza / August 25, 2017

Uber Kenya on Friday unveiled Multi Destinations, a new feature that makes it easy for riders to add multiple stops along their route.

With Multi Destinations, riders who want to take a trip with multiple stops can have an ideal experience.

Commenting on the new feature, Uber General Manager for East Africa, Loic Amado said that riders and drivers will not have to edit destinations while on a trip where multiple stops are involved.

“The feature also benefits drivers as the pricing on the app will now be updated as the new destinations are updated. The Multi- destinations feature also benefits the forward dispatch process as updated destinations will now be included in the forward dispatch process,” said Loic Amado.

To access the feature, riders will have to be logged on to their Uber applications and request for their rides. To choose their adventure, riders will then tap the “+” next to the “Where to” destination box to add a stop(s) at any point before or during their trips.

Riders can also add change or remove a stop while on the go, all they need to do is to add, change or remove the destination from the on a trip screen accessible on the app.

“Whether you’re heading for a weekend away and want to grab your friend en route to the airport, or going home after dinner, and need to drop off the party on the way, it’s easier than ever to pick up and drop off your friends along the way,” concluded Mr. Amado.

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