Yields on Kenya’s short-term Treasury bills dip at weekly auction

By David Indeje / August 11, 2017


Yields on Kenya’s  short-term Treasury bills, 182-day, 364-day T-bills and 91-day dipped at the Thursday auction.

The yields for the 91, 182 and 364-day papers came in at 8.199 percent, 10.320 percent, and 10.905 percent compared to 8.196  percent, 10.324 percent  and 10.889 percent the previous week, respectively.

In the auction, the Central Bank sold Ksh1.17 Billion worth of the 91- Day T-Bills againsts a target of Ksh 4 Billion, Ksh 9.43 Billion worth  of 182 Day T-Bills against a target of Ksh 10 Billion and Ksh 7.92 Billion worth of 364 Day T-Bills against a target of 10 Billion.

The overall acceptance rate came in at 99.6 percent compared to 94.3 percent the previous week, with the government accepting a total of Kshs 18.5 bn of the Kshs 18.6 bn worth of bids received, against the Kshs 24.0 bn, which was on offer in this auction.

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