Centonomy Open Day: A Must-Attend Event for Investors

By Soko Directory Team / September 1, 2017

Centonomy,  a Personal Finance and  Wealth Creation program will hold its Open Day on Saturday at the All Saints Cathedral Nairobi.

Confirmed speakers include Steve Biko, CEO of Hidalgo Group,   Johnson Mwakazi, President of the Royal Voice International and Ms. Waceke nduati, Founder Centonomy Ltd.

The open day is themed, “Becoming a Fearless Investor’ geared at focusing on how to understand the different forms of investments in the country.

“We believe that wealth creation needs to be the norm, not the exception, that it is possible for each and every individual to be wealthy. That means you!,”

It will be interesting to see how the key speakers will be able to talk about their personal entrepreneurial journeys, challenges and how they have managed to steer their business lines to prosperity – from an individual runned business, to being able to create jobs for many others.

They will discuss issues around the investment industry ie. Treasury Bills, Bonds, Unit Trusts, Shares and Property as an Investment.

According to Steve Biko, it is through such dialogues that, “We must engage, educate, and act in order to see real positive change that can be replicated from society to society.”  “The challenges we face in a global society  not in Kenya are evolving constantly and require innovative solutions that bring people and ideas together for the common good. When great, creative, and idealistic minds are brought together the possibilities are endless.”  

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