A lot of Legume Food Commodities in Available in the Market


Legumes have proven to be among the most consumed meals in Kenyan households. Foods in the legume family include beans, cowpeas, green grams, fresh peas and even groundnuts.

With this fact, the commodity market has seen such having different market prices. A variety of beans were on the market including Canadian beans, Rosecoco beans, and Mwitemania Beans.

A 90-kilogram bag of Rosecoco beans was being sold as follows: 9,000 shillings in Eldoret, 7,650 shillings in Nairobi, 7,200 shillings in Kisumu, 7,000 shillings in Mombasa, 5,500 shillings in Nakuru and 5,000 shillings in Kitale.

Mwitemania Beans, on the other hand, was retailed with the following market prices in selected towns: 9,000 shillings in Eldoret, 8,000 shillings in Mombasa, 7,200 shillings in Nairobi and 5,000 shillings in Nakuru and Kitale respectively.

The table below gives a summary of the same:

Canadian Beans908100960050005000
Rosecoco Beans90765070007200550090005000
Mwitemania Beans9072008000500090005000


A 110-kilogram bag of groundnuts was retailing highest in Kitale at 14,300 shillings while the same quantity was going at 11,000 shillings in Nakuru. A difference of 2,300 shillings between the highest and the lowest market price.

A 90-kilogram bag of green grams was selling as follows: 12,600 shillings in Kitale, 11,700 shillings in Eldoret, 10,000 shillings in Kisumu, 9,000 shillings in Nairobi, 7,600 shillings in Nakuru and 6,750 shillings in Mombasa.

Here is a summary:


Green Gram90900067501000076001170012600





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