OLX Kenya ‘Sell it for me’ eyes the Real Estate Sector

By David Indeje / September 12, 2017


Online classifieds firm OLX  plans to target real estate companies into their online platform after it successfully launched paid advert option OLX Top Ads.

Priscilla Muhia, Business Development Head East Africa OLX says, “The next sell it for me project by  OLX Kenya is to venture into the real estate sector using the champ service.”

Currently, the Sell it for me is being used to sell cars. “Since the launch of the Sell it for me in May 2017 OLX has surpassed 100 vehicles on the platform,” she said.

Priscilla Muhia, Business Development Head East Africa OLX

The Sell it for me  was developed to offer convenience and safety for the seller. Muhia also noted that they have a champ online behaviour monitoring tool at the company which aims to have the customer have the best experience.

The new venture is set to be unveiled in 2018 will be designed designed to make and accept offers on residential real estate more efficiently.

For listing agents, as well as clients, this will make  it easier to gain access to pricing information and terms, all in real-time.

Muhiu said the OLX platform continues to be improved to ensure the overall experience for virtually everyone involved in any transaction. “This platform greatly improves efficiency and dramatically reduces anxiety.”

Some of the developments include traders using the platform are required to produce business permits first for verification and authenticity.

They have capped business adverts to 13 per week and 50 per account for every seller with an OLX account to enable the site to offer a variety of items to their buyers.

Further, the introduction of  a new phone number verification feature in order to make the platform secure and trustworthy.

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