Why Uhuru, Ruto are full of rage, venting anger  at the Judiciary?

By David Indeje / September 2, 2017

Divided Nation, Rising Debt, Unemployment Ushers Uhuru’s Final Term

Uhuru Kenyatta says there is a problem with Judiciary that must be fixed after his re-election as Kenya’s president was annulled.

“We shall revisit this thing. We clearly have a problem. Who even elected you? Were you? We have a problem and we must fix it. Going forward we must fix it. We must fix that problem,” he said at State House on Saturday when he met Jubilee Party elected members.

“The Supreme Court sat and decided that they are the ones with a bigger power than the 15 million Kenyans who woke up, queued in lines, and voted for their preferred presidential candidate. As a Supreme Court, they cannot annul the wishes of the people. And we will revisit this thing,” he said.


“We also want the IEBC to announce the day of the repeat election,” said Uhuru.
On Friday, Uhuru termed the Supreme Court Judges as “crooks” after its majority decision.

“Do you understand me? Maraga should know that he is now dealing with the serving president. We are keeping a close eye on them. But let us deal with the election first. We are not afraid,” said an infuriated President.

The Deputy President William Ruto also lashed at the Judiciary, “It is not the Supreme Court that is supreme. It is the Kenyan people that are.”

The DP ruled out any possibility of disbanding the IEBC, saying the opposition was the force behind the establishment of the current electoral commission.

“The IEBC presided over the election of NASA elected leaders. If the opposition has a problem, they should ask their elected leaders to resign,” the DP said.

The Deputy President pointed out that Jubilee got massive support from Kenyans at all levels on August election.

“We won fair and square. We got 800 elected MCAs (56 per cent) out of 1400, 27 Senators (58 per cent), 169 MPs (59 per cent), 29 governors (62 per cent), 31 women reps (66 per cent),” the DP said.

However, the opposition has lashed out at the Jubilee Party stating that the judiciary is an independent institution with a clear mandate which is to arbitrate and interpret the law. “The Supreme Court is not an appendage of the executive and the presidency must be reminded as much,” read a statement issued by the ODM party on Saturday.

The party said President Kenyatta’s presidency in 2013 was upheld by the same court.

“It is unfortunate that he can now lead the chorus in hurling insults at the court. To the extent of referring the judges as ‘crooks’ is not just absurd but unfortunate coming from the Head of State who is supposed to portray the image of the symbol of unity.
It is catastrophic that the president has turned this into an attack of a particular community and even suggested they would deal with the Chief Justice.
For the record, the Chief Justice is holding the office through a competitive process and merited the position and it was not a gift to the community as some jubilee operatives have purported.”

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