Co-op Kwa Jirani: Bringing the Bank Closer to You

By Vera Shawiza / October 4, 2017

What comes to your mind when the term ‘Coop Kwa Jirani’ is mentioned? This is one of Cooperative Bank of Kenya’s Agency banking services offered to its customers.

Coop Kwa Jirani is a convenient and simple banking model that is meant to suit one’s lifestyle as well as offering the convenience.

Remember when one had to go all the way to the Co-op Banking hall for transactions? That has been done away with as it is not necessary anymore.

With Co-op kwa Jirani Agents all across the country, services are offered just the same way as the banks do. Deposits and withdrawals are all done at any Co-op Kwa Jirani agent and they operate even on Sundays and public holidays when bank branches have closed.

There are a number of services that are offered any Coop Kwa Jirani Agent and they include the following:

  • Cash Withdrawals (From Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • Cash Deposits (To Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • Funds Transfer (To Co-op Account / SACCO Account / Fethalink)
  • School/College/ university Fees payments (One can pay via cash or using a Co-op Visa Card)
  • One can pay utility bills Utility Bills Payment
  • One can check their Account balance (Co-op Account, Sacco Link account, and KenSwitch affiliated banks)
  • Get your account mini-statement (Co-op Account, Sacco Link account, and KenSwitch affiliated banks)
  • Other Payments that an individual can make at a Co-op Kwa Jirani agent include:
  • NHIF Payments
  • County Payments
  • Other Government Payments e.g. KRA


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