The New Daily SMS Bundle from Telkom Kenya is Just Amazing

By Juma Fred / October 12, 2017

Telkom internet service restored after users experience outage

Who doesn’t like texting? Almost all Kenyans who own phones like texting. It may be just texting a friend to say hi, or chatting with a classmate to catch up on the upcoming test or even to remind that friend of the little cash he/she owes you because mwezi iko kwa kona and uchumi ni mbaya.

And so I was going through various SMS bundles of various telecommunications in the country. As always, I love affordability but I never overlook quality. In my search, I stumbled upon SMS bundles being offered by Telkom Kenya and to be honest, this product is amazing.

To begin with, the company has a Daily SMS bundle that is designed to allow Telkom customer to send 250 SMS at a cost of 10 shillings. Buying the bundle actually, saves you money as you chat more for less.

There is also the new daily SMS bundle known as Daily 5 that is designed to offer subscribers 50 SMS to any network. All daily SMS bundles offer will be available to Telkom Prepaid customers on Tujuane Brand. Are you into chatting? For real? Then, my friend, Telkom Kenya has you covered.

How do you buy the SMS Daily bundle you ask? Easy. Do you have your Telkom Line? Very good. Now dial *188# or dial *123#, select 3 (Talk, Text & More), then 2 (Daily SMS bundles). Just like that and pap! You have the SMS bundles. To check for your SMS balance, dial *131#.

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