A Review of Affordable Data Bundles for Your Browsing Convenience

By Juma Fred / October 3, 2017

Telkom Kenya Launches Self-care Mobile App for Subscribers

The era of the smartphones in Kenya has revolutionized how people communicate and interact with each other. In fact, I will not be mistaken to say that Kenya is a surfing country. According to a report released by Jumia Business Intelligence and GSMA Mobile titled ‘White Paper 2017’, the Kenyan consumer is becoming more sophisticated, with Kenya leading the Africa Internet penetration with 67 percent of the population in Kenya classified as internet users.

As one of the ‘heavy consumer’ of data through my secondhand android phone, I often go through several internet service providers. I always go for affordable data bundles but one that maintains and sustains quality. This curiosity pushed me to have a look at what Telkom Kenya offers and to be honest, Telkom Kenya offers the best data bundles in town. Check out what I found:

Daily Bundles

Weekly Bundles

Monthly Bundles

What is more, you can get 100 GB for 90 days for 8,999 shillings.

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