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KenGen FY 2013 Results Reveal Increase In Revenue
by Soko Directory Team

KenGen announced results for the full year ended 30th June 2014 with the following highlights:


 Total revenue increased by 4.30 percent from KES 17.72bn to KES 18.49bn as a result of new capacity that increased electricity revenue.
 Following the connection to the national grid of 70MW, generation capacity grew by 7.7 percent to 1,335MW in 2014 from 1,239MW in 2013.
 Expenditure went up by 11 percent from KES 10.64bn in 2013 to KES 11.81bn in 2014 due to the rise in operational and maintenance costs which were led by the increase in the cost of spare parts, expenditure related to the acquisition of additional support staff for the new plants and an increase in depreciation and insurance expense associated with these new plants.
 Finance costs fell by 13.8 percent from KES 3.00bn in the year 2013 to KES 4.03bn this year. This was due to lower interest rates charged on loans on account of finished projects.
 The company’s assets grew by


Our View: IFB infrastructure bond Oversubscribed By 158.5%
by Old Mutual Securities

Kenya’s infrastructure bond (IFB) has been oversubscribed 158.5%, revealing huge appetite for State securities even as it pursues a policy of reduced domestic borrowing.

Our view: this reflects our earlier sentiments on the uptake given the improved market liquidity as well as the expectations that the market interest rates are likely to come down in the near future.  Auction results released by Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) on Thursday showed total bids topped KES 38.77 billion against a target of KES 15 billion, with the government accepting KES 15.8 billion.
The Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen) has cut dividend pay by a third after net earnings nearly halved in the year ended June, in the absence of tax credits that it enjoyed a year earlier.
Our view: KenGen PBT dropped by 46% to KES 2.8billion compared to KES 5.2 billion reported last year due to tax expense compared to a tax credit enjoyed last year. Given the company’s outlined capital expenditure, it


DSTV Explora At the Yaya Centre
by Soko Directory Team

You’ve made it. Finally, the weekend is here. You’ve had a long week and to help you relax and unwind, DSTV has come up with the perfect weekend plan. Take your friends and family to the Yaya Center any time between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM from Friday, October 24th to Sunday, October 26th  2014 and get the chance to test drive the Explora and all the fun features like Boxoffice and CatchUp.



Their team of expert installers will be there to answer any technical questions you might have about the Explora. 

You will also get the opportunity to purchase the Explora, get installations done on the same day, get your account queries answered by one of our CSAR and as a bonus, get to pose with 
your favorite characters and your picture taken on the red carpet. 
Come one!! Come all!! #TeamExplora #GetExplora


Kenya Power Announces 2013 FY Results
by Soko Directory Team

Kenya Power announced results for the full year ended 30th June 2014 with the following highlights:


 Net revenue increased by 18.5 percent from KES 88.91bn to KES 105.40bn due to increased electricity sales, the reviewed tariff and improved systems efficiency.
 Electricity sales went up by 9.80 percent from 6.18 billion units to 6.79 billion units. This was due to the company’s effort to meet the increasing demand for electricity especially in rural areas.
 The tariff was intended to meet additional purchasing costs which shot up to KES 30.56bn from KES 24.75bn last year. The additional costs were from the increase in energy costs that had resulted from the 9.2 percent rise in unit purchases as well as from the generation capacity costs.
 The average unit cost of fuel fell from KES 16.48 to KES 15.38 even though the fuel cost recoveries increased to KES 38.38bn up from KES 31.77bn. This was due to the general reduction in the price of fuel dur


Daily Market Report: 23 October 2014
by Soko Directory Team

 Kenyan Stock Market:


·         The NSE 20 Index garnered 8.34 points closing at 5,259.43 compared to yesterday’s trading. The NASI Index also gained 0.24 points to close the day at 160.82. Kenya Power was the highest market gainer appreciating by 15.00 percent to close at KES 17.25. This was mainly due to the full year results released today that revealed a 48.30 percent increase in net profit. Nation Media was the top loser declining by 5.57 percent closing the day at KES 288.00.
·         The volume of shares traded edged up by 22.50 percent closing at 26.10mn. Total turnover also shoved up by 29.55 percent closing at KES 709.64mn. This was mainly due to increased activities in the BAT counter, which had a turnover of KES 155.60mn closing at KES 1,023.00, and Kenya Power, which had a total turnover of KES 55.72mn. Together they represented 29.78 percent of the total market turnover.
·         Foreign buys shoved up closing at 53.17 percent of market turnover f


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