The Story of an Amazing Journalist Who Is in Dire Need of Your Help

By Soko Directory Team / February 7, 2018

Health has been defined to mean a lot of things by different people. Some say health is a blessing, some are of the opinion that health is wealth while to some, health is power.

Everyone desires to be healthy. It is good health that enables us to work and carry out chores that are either beneficial to us or to a society in general.

Life is like a journey full of winding roads, ups, and downs. Along this journey, one never knows when a calamity will strike or when a disease will befall them.

Chinua Achebe once wrote that when trouble knocks at your door and you tell it that you have no more stools left for it to sit, it will tell you that it had come along with its own stool. This analogy applies to an illness. You never know when it comes and when it comes, even if the door is closed, it passes through the cracks.

To cushion themselves in case of a health problem, people have taken up health insurance programs to cater for their hospital expenses, but what happens when the cover cannot fully facilitate the cost of a specialized treatment abroad?

Those with hefty pockets will of course board a plane, fly out of the country and get the specialized treatment from another ‘medically advanced’ country. What about those who do not have the luxury of flying out of the country for specialized treatment? We come together and help them raise fund. That has been the spirit of Harambee, the spirit of Kenyaism, the spirit that always unites us despite the political differences that often puts us asunder.

A friend of mine, Dennis Omondi Musundi urgently needs Kenyans help him access specialized medication and for him to be healthy again and be there for his 2-year-old daughter and watch her milestones as she grows with the love of a father always around her.

Dennis Omondi was diagnosed with acute leukemia and was admitted at KNH on 10th January, 2018. He has been there ever since.

Dennis is a journalist and he would love to continue impacting lives through the stories he does and inform the public on current happenings that can only be possible with the gift of great health. Blessed is the hand that gives, says the Holy Book. We have always stood together as Kenyans. From the time of Kenyans for Kenya to Jadudi, we have always shown what we are made of, hearts that are always willing to help others.

Dennis has so far raised 824,335 shillings via the PAY BILL 138182. The National Hospital Insurance Fund has given him Kes 480,000 for which he is grateful but this is still like a drop in the ocean given that the Member of the Fourth Estate needs 7.5 million shillings for his treatment in India.

Dennis needs us to stand as one community, as one Kenya and come together for the greater good of helping him regain his normal healthy self. A total sum of Kes 7.5Million is needed for him to be able to receive specialized treatment which includes a bone marrow transplant at the Apollo Hospital in India.

Any little amount you have will be great for Dennis. Send whichever amount, push over that 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50 or more bob that remains after you have made your transactions, it will make a huge difference in saving a life and bringing a father back to his daughter, and family.

The PAY BILL number for the ongoing contributions is 138182 and the account number for the Dennis Omondi Musundi Medical Appeal is 1222903350. Come one, come all and let us stand with Dennis with what we have.

Let us help Dennis to be cancer free. We can count on you. We are One. #IStandWithDennis.

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