This is How Micromanagement is Choking Your Business

By Juma Fred / February 16, 2018

There are various definitions of micromanagement. Some people say that micromanagement is the aspects of “being everywhere and seeing everything,” while some say that it is “the attention to small details in management” or simply the “control of a person or situation by paying extreme attention to small details.”

Micromanagement has been known to have a massive negative connotation and is “detrimental to employee day to day activities and morale” according to the American Society for Public Administration.

According to researchers, micromanagement will at its peak cause an acute perpetual environment of “dependency, inefficiency, and unease, and at worst, render irreparable harm to employees’ morale.”

Many entrepreneurs have terribly failed in their dream to make it in the entrepreneurial world on the grounds of micromanagement. Majority of them are of the thinking that micromanagement is the most effective way to “to flex their muscles” and announce “their presence” in an effort to show “who is the boss around.”

As much as micromanagement will make the person in charge satisfied that he or she is “really working”, the effects on whom it is directed are immense. First, the behavior kills the morale of your employees. At the start, employees will take in whatever you say because “you are the boss” anyway but with time, they will get used to your constant criticism and will no longer give a damn.

Micromanagement makes you a “barking dog that seldom bites”. As a person doing micromanaging on others, you will feel proud that “your orders” are being followed. Your employees will take time to “learn you” and with time, your voice will be just like a roaring thunder that does not make flowers bloom.

Micromanagement might make you lose the best talent within your workforce. There are employees within your business that are loyal. Loyalty doesn’t come on a silver plate. It is rare but the moment you push that loyal employee to the wall until he or she says “enough is enough”, then you are doomed.

What should you do to avoid the negative effects of micromanagement?

First, acknowledge the fact that the business is yours or you are the one in charge. Everyone in your business or company probably knows that. You do not need to “show them” who is in charge when they already know that.

Second, set clear policies of what you want to be done and what you expect done then let your employees show their creativity in trying to implement them. Do not limit your employees as far as creativity is concerned.

Third, create trust among your employees. Let your employees trust you. They will then transmit the same trust to your clients and customers. Trust is the only invisible currency that every business needs.

Do you want to show people that “you are the boss” through micromanagement? Go ahead and choke your business.

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