If you are looking for an iPhone, here is a Comparison of Prices

By Isaac Korir / March 9, 2018

Every individual who shops for products compares. Some even bargain. That is the culture of virtually all Kenyans. Right?

Shoppers in Kenya don’t just compare the products, they also look at the prices of the same item from different sellers. How much to spend is one of the most difficult choices to make, especially if that phone is an iPhone.

iPhones are highly reputable smartphones with many individuals looking to buy them. Having an iPhone is like walking with a prime plot in your pocket. However, the price doesn’t favor everyone. This is why price analysis from different vendors is sensible.

For some people, it is not the willingness, but the ability to buy.  If you have been on the lookout for a price comparison for your favorite iPhone model, you are in luck!

In my quest to find out who has the most affordable iPhone in town, I toured two stores; Telkom Kenya and Safaricom. The comparison I came up with for the different versions of iPhones 7, 8 and X with is as follows:

For one, the cheapest among them is iPhone 7. It runs on all network types; 2G, 3G, and 4G or LTE. It has an internal storage of 32GB and it retails at 82,499 shillings in Telkom shops but costs 93,999 shillings at Safaricom shops.

Its variant, the iPhone 7 128GB running on the same types of network is sold at 96,499 shillings at Telkom while Safaricom sells it at 11, 500 shillings more!

iPhone 7 Plus, the 32GB version with 2G, #G and LTE network and an internal storage of 32GB can now be affordably obtained at Telkom for only 98,499 shillings. Safaricom sells it at 110,999 shillings. Of course, if you want the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB version, which Safaricom sells at 129,999 shillings, you can obtain it at Telkom shops and save 16,500 shillings.

Whereas Safaricom sells iPhone 8 64GB and iPhone 8 256GB at 104,999 and 129,999 shillings, Telkom sells them at 103,999 and 127,99 shillings respectively. iPhone 8 Plus 64GB and iPhone 8 Plus 256GB are also cheaper in Telkom shops as they are available at 118,999 and 143,999 shillings as opposed to Safaricom’s prices; 119,999 and 144,999 shillings respectively.

Then there is the iPhone X! Two versions, like the above-mentioned products, are available; the iPhone X 64GB and iPhone X 256GB. The two are by far the most expensive in the list. Still, compared to Safaricom, Telkom offers them at better