Top 10 Digital Trends that Will Shape the Business World

By Korir Isaac / May 23, 2019


Change is inevitable, that much is true, and technology certainly is inescapable. Regardless of life facet, from how you lead your life to how you run your business, digital trends continue to revolutionize everything.

As we continue advancing our abilities, as days go by, the revolution continues; technology just gets better and better. Keeping yourself abreast of the changes and trends is fundamental, not just for an individual, but for enterprise growth as well. What is new today, is old tomorrow.

In a nutshell, technology doesn’t wait for you. If your business or venture can’t keep up with it, you will be drowned in the dust left by those embracing it fast. That said, what are the digital trends that will drive and change your organization for the better?

Gartner, a platform offering insight on technology and trends that impact organizational growth and transformations, compiled a list of digital trends for the contemporary world with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI); that is how it is quickly becoming integrated in many business systems, the mesh, which deals with the connections between an expanding set of people, business, devices, content and services to deliver digital outcomes, and the digital environment with the blending or virtual and real worlds for better immersive experience.

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Artificial Intelligence

digital trends artificial intelligence

  • AI Foundation

Topping the list of the digital trends is Artificial Intelligence (AI) foundation. Using AI allows your business to enhance decision making, restructuring and reinventing your business model leave alone taking customer experience to the next level.

Many organizations are fast adopting the technology, while others have already completed the first phases of AI innovation. However beautiful this technology is, one thing remains, the idea that AI will perform intellectually and better than a woman would is still rather speculative.

Nonetheless, businesses should invest in AI technologies that better their services using narrow aspects leaving the advanced AIs to scientists and the like.

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  • Intelligent Apps and Analytics

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that AI is rapidly becoming an integrated technology in many applications and software used by several businesses. More and more apps are incorporating it and before long, as others adopt the concept, new ones will arise.

The transition isn’t in vain. If you are scouting for apps and analytics to use in your venture, you are guaranteed of value in your organization. Some of the benefits you will enjoy include advanced and way better user experience as well as analytics, and intelligent processes.

However, this technology should be used as an augmentation of human activity. This way, an organization will enjoy automated data preparation, while at the same time providing a platform for insight sharing and sharing.

  • Intelligent Things

Intelligent things like smart cameras utilize AI technology for better performance. Intelligent things work semi-autonomously or autonomously in an unsupervised environment for a specific period and a good example is an automated farming vehicle. The advancement in technology brings better AI things.

Staying abreast of these technologies will put your venture in a better position for better service provision, performance, and output. For instance, if you adopt a model where several devices function together, whether on their own or with the help of the human input, you will realize positive changes that will place you ahead of the competition.

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digital trends mesh

  • Blockchain

As online currencies continue to be adopted, blockchain is there to guarantee a shared, distributed, decentralized ledger that gets rids of the hassles involved in commercial transactions.

This is one of the digital trends that is bound to revolutionize several industries including the government, healthcare, content distribution, supply chain, and many more sectors.

Sadly, the technology is still immature, is largely unregulated, and unproven, which is why the need for a comprehensive knowledge of implementation is mandatory.

You should be aware of the opportunities in your venture, and the capabilities, as well as the setbacks, involved together with the necessary implementation skills.

Before adopting the technology, there is the need for appropriate skills in cryptocurrency, the integration points with the already existing infrastructures, and the monitoring of the platform evolution and maturation.

  • Event Thinking

Anyone running a digital business is ever on the lookout for ways to exploit novelties in the digital environment. Being event-driven allows for the recognition of the dynamics in the business environment such as completion of purchase orders among others.

Now that AI, the IoT, and other technologies are in existence, innovators and investors can be detected more quickly and analyzed with in-depth knowledge. Enterprises should embrace “event thinking” as part of a digital business strategy.

  • Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

Online or digital ventures consistently generates complex risks as particularly when the security environment is evolving. For instance, we all know that several measures, like the use of virtual private networks, which hides your IP address are crucial in ensuring your resources are not directly exposed to the Internet and therefore increasing security. But the question is whether this and other measures are enough for the digital business.

The truth is, the likelihood of threats is ever rising. But with the continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA), one can achieve real-time, risk and trust-based decision making with confirming results to the security-enabled digital business.

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The notion of applying ownership and control instead of trust has no chance in the digital environment. Moves for infrastructure and perimeter protection, as well as most internet security moves, may likely succumb to insider attacks if not properly implemented.

As a result, embarking on a security system that makes CARTA a reality, one that focuses on the people is a motivational tool that will allow developers and business owners to better the security measures.


digital trends

  • Digital Twins

When a real-world entity, system or thing is digitally represented, it is referred to as a digital twin. A good example is an Internet of Things (IoT) where live objects are digitally represented to provide information, on the state of the counterparts, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.

Digital twins help an organization with asset management and businesses with great value in operational efficiency far from offering insights into consumer behavior and how to better the services.

This technology can be used by city and industrial planners, healthcare providers, and digital marketers together with AI-based things to realize advanced simulation, operation, and analysis.

  • Cloud to the Edge

According to Wikipedia, edge computing refers to the “pushing the frontier of computing applications, data, and services away from centralized nodes to the logical extremes of a network. It enables analytics and data gathering to occur at the source of the data.”

Cloud, on the other hand, simply refers to a technology where services are delivered online. However, it does not dictate unified or dispersed service delivering services but when the two are used together, the cloud will create a service-oriented model while edge computing will provide a delivery style that will allow for executions of disconnected aspects of cloud service.

  • Conversational Platforms

Conversational platforms offer quick and impressive responses to human interaction. The technology allows you to get answers to simple things like weather changes, to perform advanced tasks like booking a reservation at a restaurant or hotel.

Due to their evolving nature, one should always be updated as more complex actions introduced will only serve to better how your venture operates.

  • Immersive Experience

The way people are interacting with digital trends is changing rapidly. Virtual reality (VR), Augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality is few examples. Incorporated with the conversational platforms, it brings a crucial dynamism that will result in the emergence of an immersive experience.

Mixed reality is here to stay. In a few coming years, it will be the preferred choice of interaction. It exists alongside smartphones, high mounted displays, augmented and virtual reality and many application, system, and software vendors, as well as developers, will make a run for it.

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The whole point of these digital trends is that as a business owner, you should be competitive and well equipped with the relevant tools in the contemporary business environment.

As the trends change, you should change with it. This places you at a crucial position that will allow your business to get the most out of its outdated technologies and make the right high-tech investments as you move forward.

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