About Soko Directory

Soko directory was formed in 2008 by Hidalgo Investments Ltd.  Hidalgo Investments is an investment company with diverse interests in the fields of finance, government tenders, business consultancy and corporate image consultancy and legal research, and was incorporated in 2008 under the Laws of Kenya, Cap 486.  Hidalgo handles client transactions at the Nairobi Stock Exchange through Drummond Investment Bank, portfolio management and providing investment advice and consultation services to its clientele.

Soko Directory believes that all individuals despite their different attributes are privy to accurate and timely financial information and advice. This is not only regarding the stock exchange but also in all financial sectors, i.e. real estate, insurance. The company also believes that for continued success in any industry depends on the level of a company’s adaptability to a volatile environment especially where IT has become an important factor in deciding who gets to be the best and stays ahead.

It is with this in mind that Soko Directory was developed to what it is today. Soko Directory is Kenya’s online financial directory for all financial companies in Kenya. This directory was created to provide accurate financial information to the Kenyan mass, most of who are misinformed and misguided by pre-conceived notions. Advertising is becoming more dynamic each and every day, and the internet is playing a key role in ensuring that this happens. Sokodirectory.com is a concept that has been brought to life because of this. Based on research done in the developed world, especially in America, on-line advertisement is the way to go. Especially with the digital divide coming up for Kenyans in 2012, on-line marketing and advertisement are the crux of survival for any company that wants to make it.

While online marketing and advertising has been hugely successful in developed markets, it is still in its infantry stage in the East African region and Kenya in particular, but as outlined in the foregoing paragraphs, it’s bound to skyrocket in the next coming few years with the connection to the fibre optic cable, which is seen to increase internet access. While television, radio and the print media remain the primary vehicles to get messages to the larger audiences, they are passive creatures but the internet is a different beast all together. The development of advanced tools and online services has made it easy to get information, interact with other people and share opinions. The number of people using online social networks like facebook, twitter and my space continues to grow exponentially. It took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million listeners, 13 years for terrestrial TV to reach 50 million users but just 4 years for the internet to reach 50 million people. ’In less than 9 months, Facebook added 100 million users. It follows that advertising budgets will spill over and more to online mediums.’

Soko directory is a concept of Hidalgo Group of Companies, an SME which is changing the concept of advertisements in Kenya. The target of Sokodirectory.com is the group between 21 to 30 year olds, young professionals who the companies can aim to grow with thus ensuring that their various investments grow with them, over time. The reasoning behind this is that the Kenyan at this age is techno savvy and is demanding his services available to him now, using the digital mode. As a result companies should begin targeting this group of clients and it is vital that they are aware of the products and services offered by different companies in the financial sector.

Hidalgo Investments Ltd. is a limited company registered under the Companies Act, our specialty is market analysis of services and products that are offered in the financial sector. It is our vision to see that this relevant information is made available to all individuals, be they retail, corporate, or the foreign investor, to enable them to make the right investment choices. This has been necessitated by the fact that many Kenyans don’t know which company offers what products and services, so tend to take advice from individuals who are not knowledgeable. A good example is the DECI story, the aspect of pyramids. Soko Directory aims to manage all its financial responsibilities by offering a unique on-line financial solution website to bring all the relevant information in the finance sector to the public front and use their expertise to market it. We are young professionals committed to the excellence of wealth creation, entrepreneurship, youth enlightenment, investing and on-line marketing.