Terms and Conditions

All content decisions for Soko Directory Investments Limited will be made in occurrence to the following provisions, while keeping in mind that the overall purpose, role and goal of Soko Directory Investments Limited is to:

  1. Inform readers on general business, investment and commercial issues. The information has to be simple, understandable and verifiable.
  2. Interpret all concepts pertaining business, investments, feature stories in a manner that the readers will understand without having to consult any other platform. The interpretation has to involve breaking down of data and numbers so that they can be easily understood.
  • Educate our readers on matters concerning business, investments and commercial issues.
  1. Be accurate – the information posted on the platform has to be accurate, simple and verifiable. All numbers have to have a source or a reference, failure to provide the source of the data will lead to the article not being published.


  1. Soko Directory Investments Limited will not publish unnecessary profanity
  2. The editorial board will make the decision on whether the content is considered profane, cultural or non-vulgar slang term.
  • The editorial board reserves the right to edit quotes for unnecessary profanity or unnecessary offensive words (the edited quotes will be noted accordingly when published)

Writing from outside

  1. All writing for Soko Directory Investments Limited, other than letters to the editor will be written by the journalists and designated writers of Soko Directory Investments Limited and will not be accepted otherwise.
  2. Journalists from other platforms have an opportunity to submit their stories but they will only be published upon verification by the editorial board.
  • Any writing submitted from outside will be accepted upon request to the editorial board or when opportunities arise or when deemed as an additional value to the blog.
  1. Any material submitted from outside has to be edited board and must comply with this policy.
  2. Writing must be original work of the writer and not work that has previously been published by other blogs and if copied, the source and accreditation has to be availed.


  1. All editorials will be bylined by the name of the author but upon authorization from the editorial board.
  2. Any writer within Soko Directory Investments Limited can write and submit an editorial.
  • Soko Directory will not publish any material in which there will be evidence that the writer is trying to push his or her own agenda, other than that of Soko Directory.
  1. Soko Directory editorial board will be made up of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Manager and the Chief Editor.

Controversial issues

  1. Coverage on controversial issue has to occur upon a timely subject
  2. All sides of a controversial subject have to be presented and edited by the editorial board to make sure that the content is not bias with exception of bias.
  • Soko Directory will not attack
  1. If any question will arise on the veracity of the controversial issue published, the editorial board, before publishing the piece will have to consider the following questions:
  • Why is the issue a concern?
  • What is its journalistic purpose?
  • Is the information accurate or complete?
  • Have any facts been omitted?
  • Is the story worthy risking the credibility of Soko Directory?
  • What are the alternatives?


  1. All articles, graphics, photos published on Soko Directory have to be bylined by the name of the author.
  2. All bylined writers will be held accountable for their work
  • When more than one person has contributed to the story, all the writers have to be bylined as writers.

News and Features

  1. All news and features to be published on Soko Directory must have a human angle
  2. All news and features to be published on Soko Directory should not be biased with an exception of opinions.
  • Political news and features will not be accepted unless they directly affect one of the areas that are covered under Soko Directory.
  1. All news and features must have a source where they can be verified and if the original work of the writer, the same has to be confirmed.
  2. All news and features must be bylined and the writer will be held responsible in the information is found to be inaccurate, with errors, without verifiable sources or plagiarized.

Press Releases

  1. No press release will be published in its raw form.
  2. Press releases will only be published in their raw form if they are paid for and if the person paying for it has requested for it to be published the way it is.
  • A press release will present a basis on which the story will be written and the writer will have to do research outside the press release.
  1. Press releases that will have clear evidence of spreading propaganda or untruthful facts will not be published.


  1. Soko Directory will not run advertisements that are in contravention with the laws of Kenya
  2. Soko Directory will not publish advertisements that are obscene, immoral or any adult content.
  • Soko Directory will only run advertisement upon the signing of the contract with the client.