NEMA Closes Five Entertainment Joints in Nairobi Over Noise Pollution

By David Indeje / January 11, 2018

NEMA Closes Five Entertainment Joints in Nairobi Over Noise Pollution

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has closed down five of Nairobi’s entertainment joints over noise pollution.

B-Club, Kiza, Jiweke Tavern and  Space Lounge clubs located in the high-end clubs Kilimani area after area residents complained of too much noise.

Nairobi county executive in charge of environment Emma Muthoni said the move followed complaints by are residents of loud music warning that if the clubs fail to adhere by the regulations they will face legal consequences.

According to the NEMA  and Coordination (Noise and Excessive Vibration Pollution) ( Control ) Regulations, 2009, in determining whether noise is loud, unreasonable, unnecessary or unusual, the following factors may be considered:

(a)time of the day;
(b) proximity to a residential area;
(c) whether the noise is recurrent, intermittent or constant;

(d) the level and intensity of the noise;

(e) whether the noise has been enhanced in level or range by any type of electronic or mechanical means; and,

(f) whether the noise can be controlled without much effort or expense to the person making the noise.

Exemptions to these regulations include excessive noise to alert the public about an emergency, police or fire vehicles or ambulances.

The environment body said the regulations were meant to protect human health and the environment from the ill effects of noise and vibrations.

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