Why Companies Should Treat Their Employees like Customers

By Vera Shawiza / January 6, 2018

Why Companies Should Treat Their Employees like Customers

Successful companies realize that employees are their most important asset. Customers might be the reason the lights stay on, but those customers wouldn’t exist without the hard work and dedication put forth by employees.

It’s for this reason that employers should actively invest in their workers. Specifically, they should aim to treat them as they do their best customers.

Just as businesses value their customers’ satisfaction, loyalty and referrals, employers should value the same in their employee relationships. Invest in employees, and they’ll invest in the company.

Like customer success, employee success should be a holistic experience for employees — from recruitment through all of the great experiences they share with the company.

Unfortunately, most company leaders worry first about pleasing their investors, next about making their customers happy. Giving employees what they want comes in a distant third.

Ask Employees for Feedback

No business leader will deny the importance of customer feedback—how else could a company know whether or not their clients are satisfied?

Unfortunately, not every business leader realizes employee feedback is just as crucial to the future of the brand.

Team members should have regular opportunities to provide their honest opinion about every aspect of their employment, either face-to-face or anonymously

Reward Commitment and Loyalty

Customers appreciate when their loyalty is acknowledged and respond by giving additional business to the companies that show recognition.

This is a no different case for employees of an organization.

Despite the fact that some organizations might not be as big to offer expensive or huge rewards to their employees, there are many ways to show your employees you appreciate their commitment to the company.

For example, they can be offered referral bonuses or yearly increases. Such small gestures, though seem small, have a very big impact on employee satisfaction.

The company can as well set aside budget for quarterly dinners or happy hours for the teams that had outstanding performance or allow the team to work remotely for a day. Try to provide different options and let the employees choose how they would like to be rewarded.

The more satisfied your employees are, the longer their tenure and the fewer resources you have to invest in recruiting.

Get Employees Involved

Human beings are biologically programmed to feel stronger connections to associations and organizations when they have an active role in the decision-making for the group.

Including employees in decision-making processes whenever possible creates a sense of ownership, helping employees feel invested in the company.

They will care more deeply about their contributions to the organization as well as how the brand is perceived.

Whether the decision is minor or major, employees appreciate knowing their voice is being heard.

Building brand ambassadors

Your workforce provides you with the biggest opportunity to promote your company to the outside world.

If you can market your company as a fantastic place to work, and align your employees’ wants and needs with the company culture and values, they will become your best brand ambassadors to help attract and retain top talent.

When people love where they work, they feel valued and empowered and will talk about their job to family and friends as well as post positive messages on social media. They will also be more likely to recommend people for future vacancies.

Ensuring staff retention

Finally, treating your employees as customers will encourage greater retention.

People will feel more wanted and valued, understand where they fit into the company vision, and therefore stick around longer.

If they are being communicated to regularly and know what is expected of them, they won’t be looking elsewhere.

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