Apex Steel to Gift Lovebirds with Power to Build Love this Valentines

By Soko Directory Team / February 13, 2018

What is love? Some may ask. This is probably one of the words that have been defined a million times by different people.

Some say that love is like a seedling which when planted requires constant watering, failure to which, it withers from the face of the earth. Some say love is the only thing that can make you laugh, smile and cry at the same time.

Some say love is what makes the world go round while some chip in to contradict this to say that love is what makes the world stand still. So, what is love? Should we just say that LOVE is LOVE and that the actual meaning is what one sees and feels?

February is known as the month of love. It is the month that individuals show ‘their true feelings’ to each other. The actual D-Day is on 14th of February and this time around, it falls on a Wednesday. Luckily, for some men, whose pockets could be ‘yawning’, the same day falls on the Ash Wednesday and they have an option of getting saved on that day and spending the whole day praying only to get back to their old ways on the 15th of February.

With this in mind, Apex Steel Limited, the company renowned for producing the region’s best steel, is gifting some lovebirds with the ‘power to build love’ with a romantic dinner at Crowne Plaza worth 6,000 shillings.

How deep is your love? Share your dream date with Apex Steel Limited by following the conversation on Twitter #PowerToBuildLove and you could be one of those who will have a remarkable date to remember.

For those who may not know what Apex Steel Limited is, well, do not despair. This is a company that has been known for focusing on innovation; creation of value for their customers and an uncompromising commitment to quality in terms of their products and services.

Being East Africa’s leading steel manufacturing company, Apex Steel Ltd line of products includes steel, cement, water treatments, hot rolled products, cold formed sections, structural steel, drinking water, waste and stormwater treatments, PVC pipes and much more.

The company’s capabilities are not limited to selling steel or plastics but the business principles are guided by ‘offering sustainable solutions’ to aid the Construction and Engineering domain.

In 2006, Apex Steel became the first Kenyan company to manufacture steel to international standards and we have earned the distinction of being named a Superbrand two years in a row.

The Group is one of the region’s largest importers of beams, channels, shafts, and seamless pipes, in addition to more than 4,000 general hardware items and wire products.

Again, you need the power to build love? Apex has you covered.

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