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By SokoDirectory Team / March 2, 2015


About Us; Welcome to Consolidated Insurance Brokers

Consolidated Insurance Brokers are committed to delivering unmatched products and seamless service for clients on a worldwide basis. We offer comprehensive insurance products, as well as exceptional property loss-prevention engineering, risk-management services, proactive claims, and 3 decades of experience to help you reduce or eliminate key exposures and quantify the financial benefits of your program.

Comprehensive Insurance


Our commercial and industrial property insurance, reinsurance and risk transfer capabilities are designed to protect the assets of indigenous and multi-national companies, improve operating reliability and maintain profits and market share.

Our insurance coverage, products and services are based on the reality of engineering, rather than the uncertainty of actuaries, which not only serves to prevent loss, but generates increased, stable capacity, broader coverage and competitive terms and conditions.

Effective Risk Management

CIB understands the numerous challenges facing risk managers and companies, and has designed our products and services to support risk identification and assessment, risk avoidance and reduction and risk acceptance and transfer.

Our commitment to property loss prevention is designed to help you fully understand and address property risks at locations around the globe, and to select coverage that best fits your overall risk-management needs. These services compliment the risk-management process, and provide the tools you need to make informed, intelligent risk-management decisions.

Some of our services cover:

    » Appraisal Services

    » Alternative Risk Transfer

    » Brokerage Services

    » Business Impact Analysis

    » Industrial Specialization Services

Our Services

Consolidated differentiates itself from other brokers by building lasting client relationships and leveraging its strong links with insurers to deliver independent unparalleled client service and individual attention.

Our long-standing reputation in the local industry, has given as the strength to negotiate with insurers on your behalf, at the most senior levels, tailoring beneficial programs and products that suit individual needs. By so doing, this has enabled us to specialise in arranging covers for the most unforeseeable events in addition to the more regular covers.

We also consider personal service to be very important, together with a continuing review of clients’ policies. To ensure a client’s Insurance program does not fall behind requirements. This is achieved through clients enjoying the following services, appointment, introduce a senior member of our team who will be responsible for all your Insurance needs, and who will be on call at any time to deal with any problems that may arise.

The following is a breakdown of our client services: –

Personal Contract:

This ensures that clients have personal service at all times, and only one account handler will be their main contact. We will at the time of appointment, introduce a senior member of our team who will be responsible for all your Insurance needs, and who will be on call at any time to deal with any problems that may arise.

Register of Insurance: 

A register of Insurance is provided to clients, which gives brief details of what each policy covers and on what basis the Insurance has been arranged. The register helps in saving time on referring back to the policy documents to know what is been covered. The client updates the register semi-annually as deemed necessary.

Renewal Meetings: 

As per the Insurance Act, Policies are renewable annually, thus as an added advantage, we review a clients Insurance program to ensure that they enjoy the benefit for any changes in the Insurance market. We usually arrange renewal meetings before due dates and discuss with clients any changes they may wish to make.

Periodic Surveys: 

Surveys are carried out periodically on clients’ premises to ensure they are not inadvertently contravening any conditions of their policies. These surveys also ensure Insurance’s are kept under constant review, and loss prevention recommendations are up to date.


This involves the premium rates that brokered to us to the market. Our team of professionals checks all premium calculations from Insurers and the person handling your account verifies each aspect before advising you the client. This saves the client time and inconvenience in checking and querying incorrect figures.

Claims Handling: 

This is the true test of any insurance policy. In the event of a claim arising we will provide all necessary assistance to bring the claim to a satisfactory conclusion. We also endeavour to monitor and check clients’ claims for any patterns that may be prejudicial to clients’ interests.

Commercial Insurance

Consolidated Insurance caters for the needs of organisations in all areas of commerce and industry. Our expertise and focus on customer service enables us to manage a client’s entire portfolio working with together to tailor the insurers products to their own specific needs.

We strive to work with the insurers to develop unique products with the clients’ needs in mind; thus arranging Insurance packages for the most complex, unusual and unforeseeable risks.

The following are our areas of expertise:

Fire Insurance



Business Interruption


Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity


We have also developed products specifically tailored for the following

Power Industry

Architects and Surveyors


Non-Governmental Organizations






Motor Traders

Personal Insurance

As in commercial Insurance, we offer exceptional expertise in the personal Insurance market. Our focus is also on customer service and exceptional management of clients’ portfolios.

We are able to cater for all personal Insurance needs but have particular expertise in arranging cover for the following types of risk.

Buildings (including high value homes, mansions and housing estates)

Household Contents

Motor Vehicles, Cycles

Classic/ Vintage Vehicles

Legal Protection Cover

All Risks Cover

Personal and Group Accident

Health, Medical and Sickness

Individual, Group Life Insurance

Pension Schemes

Travel Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee


We strive to provide the highest professional standard of advice and service to all our clients and to develop and strengthen the company by continuing to motivate our team of caring and responsible professionals. We at Consolidated offer to all our clients, both personal, corporate and professional, the following seven-fold promise;

1. Confidentiality

To provide and offer all our clients the highest level of confidentiality and discretion

when dealing with their personal and corporate affairs.

2. Peace of Mind 

Our national standing and reputation guarantee’s you a peace of mind. By working for you, and most of all by understanding your needs we are in a position to negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf, and we remove all the doubts and worries you may have thus becoming totally accountable to you at all times. In essence you’ll become the bedrock of our success.

3. Quality and Excellence

To provide our clients with a constant high quality professional service and to strive for excellence in all that we do. We endeavor to do all the work for you, giving you sound advice, which is clear and straight forward, based on our ever-current in-depth knowledge of the insurance market. Our excellence is demonstrated by our ability to negotiate from strength, dealing directly with the various insurance companies on your behalf.

4. Our Prize Promise to you

Thanks to the ever-increasing technology, we have at our data interchange up to the minute prices of polices from all insurers. Sometimes the prices maybe cheaper but the cover is not adequate, therefore we will always assess the risks and security and find you the best possible cover at the least possible price.

5. Claims Settlement Promise

Our promise to you is that each and every claim will be handled on your behalf with speed and fairness. By being under our umbrella, the process shall be made as simple as possible, and we shall be at your side at all times during the process, and that’s what working for you means.

6. Integrity

To act at all times with honesty and integrity within legislative and regulatory insurance requirements, and to decline to act if the possibility of any conflict of interest arises, and to do so in utmost good faith (UBERIMA FIDES), for which our strength is based.

7. After Sales Service

No clients needs remain the same, therefore at Consolidated, we try to anticipate the changes in your requirements. Our team of trained and qualified brokers is always available to discuss on a personal level your private or business needs, and you can be certain that their advice and recommendations will be professional and impartial.

Contact Us

The Manager

Customer Service

P. O. Box 72973 00200

2nd Floor, Solar Hse., (Opp. Co-operative House)



Email: [email protected]

Tel:020 312463/317243/225191

020 245407

2nd Floor Solar House, Opposite Co-operative House, Nairobi

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