Rest in Peace our Lovely Kenyan Constitution

By Soko Directory Team / February 9, 2018

It is time to mourn. It is time to wail. Come on people. Join me as we mourn our Kenyan Constitution. Let us write and read the eulogy together for our beloved Constitution.

Dear Kenyan Constitution, when you were born in 2010, we sang with joy. We danced all night long. We knew that a new dawn had come. The old era had gone and once again, the once constitutionally barren Kenya had seen the light.

To us a son had been born. We called him the Kenyan Constitution of 2010. We vowed to stand by you, to make you our savior and to always follow whatever you tell us. You were born with wisdom, guidance and protection and as Kenyans, we knew we had gotten a savior.

But now you are dead. You have left us at a time that we needed you the most. Dear Kenyan Constitution, why did you go so soon? Why? As Kenyans, we loved you and wanted you for us but it appears our leader never wanted you. They are now ignoring your directive and urinating on your corpse.

As you leave, dear Kenyan Constitution, you have left the courts powerless. Their orders can no longer be respected by senior officials in government. Judges are being reduced to barking dogs that don’t bite. They issue orders that are then laughed at and brushed aside. Why did you have to leave us in this state Kenyan Constitution? Why? A judge summons a government official and they laugh him off. To them, you are dead. You don’t exist. What can we do?

As we prepare to burry you Mr. Constitution of Kenya, the era of arresting people without court order and detaining them for days without trial are slowly creeping back.

On 30th of January, there was an ‘inauguration’ of the opposition leader Raila Odinga as the People’s President. We do not know if it was illegal because you are silent on the issue although you once said in Article 3 (2) that any attempt to establish a government otherwise than in compliance with this constitution is unlawful.

Since then there have been a crackdown on opposition leaders. Some have been deported. Is it true that you said that someone can be stripped off his or her citizenship which he or she got by birth? I know you don’t but those in power say that you do. What about us who don’t have a country to be deported to? Will be deported to the grave?

You gave us a directive on the freedom of media, freedom of expression and right to information dear Kenyan Constitution. But now, the media houses are being shut down because they cannot sing and dance to the tune of ‘orders from above.’ Why did you leave us Mr. Constitution of Kenya?

You gave directives on the electoral process in the country. They were ignored and we are still paying the price. We let you go with a heavy heart. It was nice while it lasted. And now, fare thee well dear Constitution of Kenya.

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