Here are Some Ripe Investment Opportunities in Bomet County

By Vera Shawiza / February 13, 2018

Bomet County is situated in the former Rift Valley Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Bomet.

The county has a population of 730,129 (2009 census) and an area of 1,997.9 km². Bomet County is a multiracial, multi-ethnic nation with citizens of diverse socio-economic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Agriculture is the main economic activity practiced by residents of Bomet County with tea farming and dairy production leading the sector. Food crop is also practiced with maize being the staple food crop.

Beans, Irish potatoes, millet, cabbages, onions, bananas, and pineapples are grown both for subsistence and sale within and without the county.

Here are the main areas open for investment to potential investors within Bomet County:

  1. Crop Farming

Bomet is well known for tea production and with the global tea market projected to grow to 67 million by 2023 then it is never too late for an investor to join in tea production and value-addition for the 130bn Kenyan industry.

With the change in climatic conditions in Bomet farmers are slowly shifting from wheat to beans whereby they can plant up to a kilogram of seeds and sow 30 kilograms.

Irish potatoes, millet, passion fruits, pineapples and even the highly demanded Avocados are among the crops also grown in Bomet and investors can fetch really good prices from the produce.

  1. Livestock Farming

Livestock farmers in Bomet are reaping huge benefits with some dairy farmers earning more than Ksh. 500,000 monthly in the region.

The practice has received huge support from the government and it is even aiming for beef exporting to Europe once the livestock is vaccinated and screened off diseases.

  1. Tourism

Bomet enjoys proximity to Maasai Mara. The hospitality and transportation industry in the region is yet to be fully exploited. Locals in the region are more than willing to partner with investors in having hotels built on their land.

  1. Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Bomet is mainly agro-based and with the county hoping to shift to exports then there is a need for investors to take advantage of the opportunity.

Value addition is necessary for most if not all of the agricultural produce.

  1. Trade

Trade within Bomet County is conducted in the urban centers. A number of financial institutions have been put up which offers banking and credit services to its people. Micro-finance initiatives are also in the place where youth and women are able to access loans for starting up businesses.

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