Kenya: The Looters’ Paradise

By Soko Directory Team / May 29, 2018

When was the last time you heard or saw that our dear President Uhuru was angry about something? I will tell you. Last time I saw him visibly angry and things moved and MPs and Jubilee leadership tried to have things move is when the Judiciary annulled his victory during the last election. That is the only time he was angry. He threatened, he huffed and puffed and we saw his red eyes and how emotional he was. I actually thought he would have a coronary attack at one point. His deputy was the perfect deputy. Irked to kingdom come.

That is the last time they were angry. No other time have they been and the media has run out of adverbs to describe their moods as far as corruption is concerned. They are lazy about it. They are issuing veiled threats to those involved in corruption yet they know exactly what the issue is. Watching the duo talk about corruption is not only repugnant to my sense of reason but nauseating, to say the least.

During the campaign period, I don’t recall them pledging to fight corruption. I don’t recall them promising to jail looters or have them hanged. All I recall was Raila this and Raila that and these ‘wakora’ must be dealt with. I don’t recall any dialogue to do with corruption. I raise this because I am wondering why we are expecting the digital duo to address or handle an issue they never promised to address, an issue that is the foundation of their leadership, an issue that the big boss has asked numerous times about, saying, …”mnataka nifanye nini…

Affirmation that they support the Theft

The lack of actual action around the blatant theft of public resources from the dynamic duo is not only an affirmation that they support the theft but are also aware is because those involved are still in office even when the police, the EACC, the DCI all pretend to arrest and arraign them in court. If indeed, the President was honest about fighting corruption, then the CS in charge of NYS and Youth Fund would have been fired, her accounts frozen and her being thrown in jail pending investigations. Anything less of this is pure PR and we might as well join the bandwagon and loot the entire country to kingdom come.

The CS, the PS, the Finance directors, the Procurement director and officers, all accountants in charge, all suppliers who benefitted illegally should be in jail, all their assets frozen and fired. Anything less is simply playing with our emotions and we are getting tired and if they continue to joke around, we will take the law into our own hands and ensure that justice is not only done but achieved.

I mean, we all want to drive that V8, we want that fancy house in Runda, we want our kids in fancy schools and we desire that Country club membership. However, we don’t go around stealing from hard working Kenyans. We struggle the way we can legally to attain these aspirations and dreams. No one has a right to jump the queue to get there by stealing from our taxes.

Taxes: Our collective well-being

Our taxes are meant to ensure our collective well-being. Our taxes are meant to ensure that we all have certain equal standards in our lifestyle. They are to ensure that our hospitals work, that our roads are functioning, that our police are there to protect us, that our military can defend our borders, that medicines are available, that our education system is functioning and our kids have a better future. In essence, the collective well-being of Kenya is solely dependent on how we spend our taxes and it is clear that we have shown we cannot manage our taxes at all.

President Uhuru has overseen the mismanagement of our taxes and all he can do is to sternly warn that he will deal with corruption.  A leader is known by his actions. Not his empty words. I recall how jubilee supporters said that since this is his last term, he will deal with corruption. That the ‘boss’ is keen to ensure no more corruption and that he will jail people. How the lies tasted sweet and enchanting them. The reality is, Uhuru has failed. Imagine if he was the CEO of Brookside, how long would he have lasted as the CEO if he ran the firm the same way he his running Kenya?

We have lied, given excuses and insulted others all in the name of trying to defend President‘s inaction. Time has come for us to face the truth. Time has revealed the truth about Uhuru and what kind of a leader he is.

When a leader lets others steal taxes, he simply sentencing them to death. When taxes are stolen, people die. Police die. Children die. When taxes are stolen, that is organized crime sanctioned by the state and the causalities are the innocent people.

It’s like in Kenya the mafia aka cartels have a country and they operate with the blessing of the state.

The Truth: Too Much PR

Imagine one of the beneficiaries was arrested in Naivasha in a convoy of the top of the range cars. Such people should be paraded in a line and shot in public yet the same government that is very keen to deal with corruption is sending the best cars to arrest you. How is that dealing with corruption? Try and steal a chicken from the farm of the Deputy President and tell me what will happen to you? Truth is, this is just PR. The PS in charge of NYS said on Citizen TV that no money was stolen. So there, you have it. All this is PR to satiate our anger and make us forget.

In NYS scandal 1, no one was arrested. No was jailed. No assets were frozen and recovered. One of the suspects ended up as Governor. What makes you think that this will be any different? The political class knows that we are stupid and gullible and that very soon, with another scandal, we will forget.

Kenya has become a paradise for the elite criminals who have managed to get into the seats of power. It’s a haven for looters. It’s a home for crime lords. It’s a palace for thieves. It’s a resort for those who abuse public offices. It’s a place where mediocrity is rewarded and theft applauded.

President Uhuru is not angry about what is happening. He his very much ok because he knows who they are. Mark my words, for the next couple of days, we will see stage managed raids with breaking news to indicate and show that the government is working to deal with corruption. Watch this.

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