Social Media Marketing Strategies That Many Businesses Don’t Know

By Juma Fred / November 12, 2017

Social Media Marketing Strategy That Many Business Don’t Know

Almost every business has taken to social media for marketing purposes. Social media is slowly taking over the marketing world with traditional marketing channels such as radios, televisions, and newspapers slowly curling their tails.

There are three major social media tools that have been embraced for social media marketing; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram although some analysts like Noah Miller believe that LinkedIn, though not embraced, is the best for business marketing and growth.

Many businesses have taken to social media marketing without first knowing what processes are involved. For instance, there are five marketing stages (strategies) that make up the social media marketing journey which most businesses don’t know.


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These stages are awareness, engagement, preference, impact, and advocacy.


This is the process that only involves exposing your audience to the content or the products and services that you offer. The process involves channeling out information without expecting any action or anything in return. This is the starting off point and some businesses resort to what is known as ‘social media hyping’ which involves the use of social media influencers.


This is the stage where other people, not part of your team join the conversation and help in the ‘engagement.’ This comes as a result of a positive awareness stage. The awareness stage is often monologue. The monologue is broken once other people take part in the conversation. Many businesses hardly reach this stage. Majority of them just reach the awareness stage and stop by that.


The main aim of marketing is to try and get people’s attention. Their attention is gotten during the awareness stage. Once their attention is gotten, the marketer has to try and sway their opinion about the services and the products he or she might be offering. Under this stage, the achievement is often based on the changing of the behavior of the consumer. It is about making them prefer what you are offering as opposed to what others are offering.


Everyone markets for a gain. Nobody wants to market and gets nothing out of it. The impact stage is about the outcome of the campaign in most cases, it touches on the financial gain that is witnessed through sales. The key impact is to sustain the ‘impact’ and achieve loyal customers.


This is the peak of marketing. This is where other people start making case for you about something. It involves positive testimonials, a call to action and recommendations.

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