Did You Know: The Heaviest Living Man Weighs 594.8 Kilograms?

By Juma Fred / December 4, 2017

Did you know that the heaviest living man weighs 594.8 kilograms? Well, this is more than a half a ton. You may be wondering, is this s human being? Yes. He is a human being who when sitting, resembles a mountain of flesh.

According to the Guinness World Records of 2018, the heaviest living man is Juan Pedro Franco Salas (MEX) left his bedroom for the first time in six years to be hospitalized for life-saving treatment.

On 18th December, Juan was weighed at 594.8 kilograms and he suffers from morbid obesity and by the age of six, he weighed the same as the average adult man at 63.5 kilograms.

Doctors diagnosed him with type-2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension and liquid in lungs.

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