The FIFA World Cup Trophy Lands In Kenya

By Soko Directory Team / February 26, 2018

By Fred Obago Junior

The 10 million dollar trophy, awarded to the winners of the World Cup trophy every 4 years, has finally landed in Kenya.

As part of the FIFA World Cup Tour, the 6.175 kg mass of solid 18-carat gold is an asset to be in Nairobi for two days, 26th and 27th February, arriving from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

But what exactly is the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour? Sanctioned by Coca-Cola, the tour, started 9 September 2017, is a chance given to all football fans to get their picture taken with the prestigious trophy.

The idea started in 2006 and has since then been an important part of the World Cup experience, bringing happiness to millions worldwide.

This tour is set to be the longest one to date and the iconic trophy is to visit 91 cities and travel more than 92,000 miles in an attempt to increase the number of people who can access this opportunity.

Not all Kenyans will be able to view the trophy, however, for both time and safety reasons, bearing in mind that:

  1. The World Cup is in 107 days and the trophy must complete the global journey by then. It will thus only be here for 2 days before departing for Maputo, Mozambique.
  2. The World Cup has been stolen before – twice. In 1966 the coveted trophy was stolen prior to the World Cup of that year, held in England. At the time known as the Jules Rimet Trophy (after the FIFA President who organized the first tournament) the trophy was stolen, a ransom demanded and after a futile pursuit, recovered by a dog named Pickles. Moreover, in 1970, it was stolen yet again in Brazil.

In order to get your picture taken with the World Cup Trophy, be at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre on Tuesday 27th February, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during which the public viewing will be held. No touching, however, as the President (not the people’s president, no) will be the only person allowed to touch the prized trophy.

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