Here is Uhuru’s Tweet that Infuriated Kenyans

By Soko Directory Team / February 8, 2018

All  Cabinet Secretaries To Remain in Office - State House

Kenyans have been known to be people of ‘zero chills’ commenting on anything and everything they come across online.

With the advent of social media, Kenyans have been growing bolder with each passing day, taking on the mighty and the lowly.

On Wednesday, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official Twitter account (PresidentKE) send out a tweet that seems to have infuriated a number of Kenyans.

“I ask every leader – right across Kenya – to remember that this is the time to get back to work. The elections are over. The people of Kenya have chosen their leaders. They now expect you to set aside distractions, games and sideshows; and to focus your efforts on building our nation,” read the tweet.

Even before the person who had sent out the tweet sat to take a breath, a reply came in from Tony Turner, “We chose our leaders. That is true. But you were not among them.” Kenyans! Seriously. Gishen Gicheru Mbugua jumped in, “When we said this time we will not ignore and move on, you thought it was a joke? Just watch and see what it means to be an illegitimate president.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been under critism following his crackdown on the opposition leaders after the swearing in of National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Odinga.

Several politicians including TJ Kajwang, George Aladwa and Miguna Miguna have been arrested. Miguna miguna has since been deported to Canada, a move that has elicited outrage.

“You are the one (Uhuru) who think (sic) so you will get it rough up to the end and you are the worst who won’t have any legacy in this country,” tweeted Jairuso.

On 30th of January, the government through the Ministry of Interior and that of ICT ordered the closure of three television stations including KTN News, NTV and Citizen TV after they ignore the order of not to air live Odinga’s ‘inauguration.’

“Why block your citizens and even your voters from watching their own TV? You owe us an apology,” said the furious Mwale.

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