A Look at The UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues So Far

By Soko Directory Team / March 20, 2018

As we get down to the Quarter Final stages of the UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues, and the business ends of the competitions draw closer, it is important to know exactly where each of our favorite football titans lies.

After explosive displays of talent, skill, and courage, the best eight of Europe’s football clubs are left to battle it out for European football’s most coveted prize, the UEFA Champions League Trophy. The recent draw brought back deep feelings of nostalgia among fans as well as it did stir up rivalries among others.

Among the remaining eight, Real Madrid (12-time Champions League winners and reigning champions) will head into the competition with their confidence brimming, as they look to face Juventus and yet again deny one Gigi Buffon his chance at Champions League success.

Barcelona, who are currently favorites due to one Lionel Messi’s scintillating form, take on A.S. Roma, a contest many views as a one-sided fixture if ever there was one. Runaway Premier League leaders, Manchester City, face Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, and this all-English clash is set to be a cracker that will see off yet another English team, leaving only one of the original 15 who entered the competition. The managerial rivalry between Jurgen Klopp and super coach Pep Guardiola is also set to be a key factor in this game.

Bayern Munich, drawn against Sevilla, will no doubt be looking to overcome a side to which they are far superior to. However, nothing is certain in this game and underdogs Sevilla won’t be looking to go down so easily.  The first leg games of these matches are to be played on the 3rd and 4th of April.

As for the Europa league, we have a similar number of teams, albeit smaller sides that pale in comparison to the fiery teams of the Champions League, with the exception of Arsenal and Athletico Madrid, who have in the past, proved their worth against even the biggest sides.

Arsenal, who have had a horrible series of games up until recent displays that saw them knock out AC Milan in said competition and improve their form in their own league, were drawn against CSKA Moscow, and are favorites for this year’s Europa League. Athletico Madrid goes up against Sporting CP as a determined Marseille play against one RB Leipzig and Italian side SS Lazio play Red Bull. The first leg games of these matches are to be played on the 5th of April.

The winners from both competitions will meet at the UEFA Super Cup. Until then, may the most deserving teams always come out on top.

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