Murder Most Foul: 26 Women Killed by Their Loved-ones since January

By Soko Directory Team / Published May 11, 2019 | 12:12 am

The recent rise of killings against women has left a looming fear and concern of what could have happened to trigger the current tragedy facing the society as a whole.

As of January 2019 to 8th May, over 26 women have violently lost their lives in the hands of people they not only loved but trusted them.

As Mother’s day approach, over 26 women lie in their graves as their families sink into depression while seeking justice for their loved ones, but will there ever be justice to these lost beautiful faces?

What exactly is justice if a mother will never get to hug their child again and neither will a child ever get to feel their mother’s warmth because their father killed their mother in cold blood?

What is more sickening is that celebrities who ought to carry themselves with decorum choose to justify the killings while attention thirsty ‘artist’ wannabes jump in to catch some fame with lyrics that support the vice.

Social media interactions reveal that on this particular ‘bag’ or ‘potatoes’ half the ‘bag’ could be rotten beyond salvation as bullies hammer the last nail to the pain of those mourning with assumptions that are not only uncalled for but are unnecessary.

They are 48 beautiful women, daughters, sisters, mothers and friends and their painful deaths were not necessary and can never be justified.

Shiru Murimi

Shiru Murimi, at 18 years of age is the most recent victim of domestic violence after she was slashed to death by her husband John Mutina in Kativini, Kitui County.

Mutina, 19 years of age, went to his mother’s home in tears asking that he gets reported to the police for he had killed his wife.

Anne Kanariu

The death of Anne Kanariu, a 4th-year student at the Kenya Methodist University (KEMU), Meru campus is the most recent after she was allegedly stabbed by her boyfriend, Nyaga Njagi.

Nyaga later committed suicide in the same place, a rental house in Makutano, Meru County. Their bodies were discovered by neighbors who smelt a decomposing smell emanating from the house.

The death of Ann has left her family and friends shaken and distraught since according to the parents, they did not even have an idea that their daughter was in any relationship.


Caroline’s life was brutally ended by somebody close to her, her husband’s sister Quinter.  The two from Migori were involved in a scuffle which led to Quinter, who accused Carol, stabbing Carol several times leading to her to death on May 5th, 2019.

The murder occurred in Onyinjo Estate, Suna West in Migori County where Quinter, the accused, was thoroughly beaten up by the mob and continues to recuperate in Migori’s Level four hospital.

Grace Kagure

Grace Kagure, a nurse in Meru was allegedly murdered by her husband, whom neighbors considered to be loving, James Wambugu on 28th April.

Grace screamed for help, according to her neighbors, but her house steel door was locked from the inside making it difficult for them to access her.

Neighbors peeped helpless through a broken window as Grace lay on the floor naked with blood oozing from several parts, while her husband stood beside her with a knife in his hands and a blank look.

James rushed to dress up when he saw the crowd on his window and opened the house door as the crowd bayed for his blood; it took the efforts of Nyumba Kumi officials to secure him.

Dorika Ntabuto

Dorika Ntabuto at the age of 24 died in the hands of her husband, Geoffrey Manyaka in Kisii County on 28th April 2019.

Dorika was allegedly strangled to death by her husband Geoffrey Manyaka at a time when she had just begun earning a salary with the Kisii county government.

Geoffrey Manyaka went ahead to call his sister, Rose, informing her that he had strangled his wife to death.

Peninah Kaimenyi

Peninah Kaimenyi, a 25-year-old woman, was allegedly shot in the head by the Deputy OCS Likoni Police Station, killing her instantly.

The police officer, Joab Omondi, was alleged to be lovers with the deceased who sold Mugoka at Lovely Bar in Mtongwe. The suspect, Joab Omondi remains in police custody as investigations continue.

Mary Wangui

Mary Wangui was reported to have been killed by her husband and father of two children. The mother of two children was found dead with stab wounds in the neck alleged to have been inflicted by her husband.

Mary Wangui was killed on 15th April while her husband was arrested leaving behind two children lacking in parental care.

Daphine Maloba

Dalphine Maloba of Kakamega County died a painful death that left her with stab wounds on the head, thighs and back. Daphine had her hands tied with a wire and a hammer was found placed on her private parts.

Dalphine’s husband, William Shivoko, was arrested in connection to the murder.

Khanali Mwonobe

Khanali was stabbed on the neck and killed instantly in Uasin Gishu County on April 2019. Khanali hailed from Shamberere village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County.

Her husband was accused of committing the act and was arrested.

Ivy Wangechi

The Ivy Wangechi murder left the Country shocked in the manner it was carried out by her alleged boyfriend Naftali Kinuthia Ndege.

Ivy, a promising sixth-year medical student was from doing her rounds at the Moi Referral Hospital when the attack occurred.

A month later, Ivy Wangechi’s case is ongoing with the next hearing of Kinuthia’s bail application hearing expected to take place on 27th May 2019.

Mercy Chepkurui

The Villagers is Kimeswon village on 2nd March woke to up to double homicide, that of Mercy Chepkurui and her boyfriend, Peter Lang’at.

Mercy, at only 19 years of age had moved in with Peter barely 3 days before she met her death. Peter committed suicide after killing Mercy who he suspected of being in affairs with ex-lovers.

Lang’at, according to neighbors in the village hoped to start a family with Mercy whom he had dated for around a year before she moved in with him.

Christine Maonga

On March 14th, Christine Maonga met her death after her husband, Patrick Nyapara, shot her in the head three times before taking on his heels.

Christine, a high school teacher at Navakholo Secondary School in Kakamega, lost her life in the hands of her supposed husband who was an AP officer at Navakholo police station in Kakamega.

Pheny Bosibori

On 11th March 2019, Pheny Bosibori was shot dead by her husband after she delayed to open their home door.

Pheny’s husband, Constable Bernard Ndege, had no qualms admitting that he had shot the door after his wife had delayed in the opening which apparently angered him. Constable Ndege was however in shock after the shooting and presented himself to the police for arrest.

Jane Nduta

Jane Nduta, a mother of two, was hit with a blunt object on her head on 8th March by her husband, Peter Muchuru Mwaura, in Juja, Kiambu County.

Jane had been separated from Mwaura for three months when he lured her to return and pick her clothes. Jane’s husband had even welcomed another woman in the home as his wife when Jane left.

It is when Jane went to pick her clothes that he hit her on the head with a blunt object, killing her instantly, and ran away. Jane’s lifeless body was discovered by neighbors and her murderer is still at large.

Caroline Anota

Caroline Anota was brutally murdered by her 32-year-old husband, Obedi Mitalo, in Mutaho village Ikolomani, Kakamega County.

Caroline’s face was disfigured as it was scalded by acid; her tongue had been yanked out together with her private parts, it was a painful death.

Caroline’s death was discovered when a neighbor caught the husband on his way to dump the body in an abandoned quarry. The suspect, Obedi Mitalo, remains in police custody.

Annah Kangogo

Annah Kangogo, 47 years old was allegedly killed on 2nd January by her daughter-in-law after she responded to commotions emanating from her son’s house.

Annah was stabbed by her Mercy 27-year-old daughter in law in the presence of her son.

 Fiona Kasuya

At the age of 26 years, Fiona Kasuya was brutally murder by her husband, David Siloba Achale in their home in Mariakani, Eldoret.

Siloba put his wife’s body in a garbage can after murdering her

Evelyne Musila

Evelyn Musila was found dead in a pool of blood in her house by neighbors. Evelyn’s body was found with deep panga wounds at her home in Royal Estate in Oruba sub-location, Suna West Sub-county.

Beryl Adhiambo Ouma

Beryl was murdered by her husband Laico Osuri while expecting their firstborn child in their home in Kahawa.

Beryl’s neighbors reported to have heard her scream but on checking up on her, the couple insisted that they were okay. Beryl was reported to have screamed for over 4 hours before she went silent.

Faith Chepkurui

Faith Chepkurui, a student at the Kaiboi Technical Training Institute in Nandi County was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Mathew Kiptoo Yego, a second-year student pursuing a course in plumbing.

She was stabbed in her neck, chest, and head and was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospital. Faith was a few weeks old at the Kaiboi institution by the time she met her death.

Damaris Njeri

Damaris Njeri was raped, killed and then her body was hung on an electric pole at Rukanga village in Mwea Constituency.

Damaris’ boyfriend was accused of committing the offense as he had previously called her father to report that she was cheating on him.

Beryl Otieno

Beryl Otieno, an 18-year-old form two student in Migori County was killed by her alleged 10-month old husband.

Beryl was hit by a piece of wood when her husband killed her in their home Kobita Ndhiwa. It was alleged that Beryl’s husband hit her dead after a conflict arose about her mother seeking to take her back to school.

Edna Kurgat

Edna Kurgat, a mother of three, was attacked and killed by her husband who later committed suicide.

Edna was attacked at night at her uncle`s, Philip Songok’s, homestead in Mosop, where she had gone to hide after a disagreement.

Damaris Mbugua

Damaris, a 23-year-old woman was stabbed to death by her 28-year-old husband in Gilgil. Damaris was killed over a new hairdo that her husband did not approve of.

Damaris was stabbed on the neck and stomach using a kitchen knife in the presence of her one-year-old daughter.

Lorraine Kerubo Ogoti

Lorraine Kerubo Ogoti, the 30-year-old woman, living in Toronto was stabbed and killed by her boyfriend.

Lorraine, a mother of one was pronounced dead on 11th January after being found by police suffering from deadly wounds inside an eighth-floor apartment building.

Maureen Aoko

Kennedy Oduor Otieno is accused of murdering Maureen Aoko despite him being her husband. The body of Maureen was discovered by her 10-year-old son who called his grandparents. On arrival at the home, relatives of Aoko found her lifeless body on the floor after having to break down the door.

Kennedy attempted suicide by consuming a poisonous substance and has been undergoing treatment at the Siaya County Referral Hospital.

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