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Mission Statement


Our Mission

To enable our customers achieve their critical business success factors by applying world class Technologies and People Skills to deliver enabling business solutions in today’s increasingly lean and competitive environment.
Our Vision

Magnum Ltd’s vision is to be East Africa’s leading company in the provision of Business Consulting and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Services.
Magnum intends to sell solutions & results!!

Business Profile

Legal Structure

Magnum is a registered company carrying out business in the republic of Kenya. It is registered to carry out business under the name of Magnum Limited. This has been duly registered under the Number 164583 pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Registration of Business Names Act and Rule made under the laws of Kenya.

Under the companies act governed by the laws of Kenya Magnum Limited is a private limited company.
Financial Capabilities

The amount of business that Magnum Limited can handle comfortably without experiencing any cash flow setbacks comes to Ten Million Kenya Shillings.
Description of the scope of business.

Magnum Limited has formed partnerships and alliances with leading global providers of Business Consulting and Information Technology Services. These alliances have provided us an International resource pool from which we leverage upon to implement solutions that encompass international best practices for our clients in the East Africa Region.

A dynamic networked solutions, created from a unique combination of skills, technologies and industry best practices. Magnum and its partners deliver a world-class solution. Magnum’s Solutions offers faster transformation of your business relationships, minimizing risks while maximizing opportunity to succeed. It is based on the secure, scalable Cisco network foundation, professional services from consulting partners, and packaged applications from independent software vendors (ISVs). The solution incorporates industry-leading Magnum’s business practices as well as the experiences of other Network and Internet-powered companies. To ensure that its customers can implement the Magnum’s Networked Solutions effectively, simply, and quickly, Magnum assembled a team of internal and external experts to document its own-networked solution, from concept through execution.

Our Service Offering include:

1. Business Consulting-

Magnum is rapidly becoming the preferred consulting resource to senior management of selected industries for creating value from opportunities offered by the convergence of business and technology. We are achieving this status by driving rapid business results for our clients through a unique ability to integrate an array of leading, specialized skills.

Magnum provides Consultancy services in:

* Business Process Analysis and Re-design.

One of the key differences between any organisations offering the same products is the service level. For the service level to be superior, the underlying transactional process that sees the service delivered must be effective and efficient. Magnum offers consulting on re/designing these business processes to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

* Enterprise Resource Planning Application Systems

ERP is the foundation of your e-business!
The main business competencies that companies would require in the e-economy are threefold:

* A sound technology platform that balances the ERP element with the e-business elements.
* Efficient business processes that connect to and are relevant to that technology platform.
* Employees, who are able to interact while balancing the technology elements as well as the business process elements.

A practical solution would be to invest in the ERP technologies as a backbone and the relevant e-business technologies hooked on to that backbone. In order to achieve bottom-line benefits and true return on investment, integration is the name of the game.

Seamlessly integrating a network foundation with online applications and with business processes requires specialized expertise. To accelerate its own deployment of these applications, Magnum has teamed with consulting partners to build, enhance, and customize Internet-powered applications.

Magnum has worked with the industry’s leading consulting partners to ensure they have the proven ability to deliver networked solutions. These consulting partners are trained in our approach and provide many advantages to companies developing an extended enterprise; they:

* Deliver fast, high-quality implementations
* Leverage wide knowledge of vertical industries
* Ensure a higher chance of project success by leveraging their expertise
* Understand organizational and process change required and how to successfully execute it
* Serve as a catalyst for action through continuous focus.

Information Technology Services:

The services being offered by Magnum in this field include the following:

* Hardware, networking and communications infrastructure.

The hardware infrastructure of any organization plays a crucial role in terms of the service levels that are deliverable to both the internal and external users and beneficiaries of a computer system. Magnum is able to deliver the best of breed products, efficient services in OPEN SYSTEMS and STANDARDS and cost effectively to the client allowing for almost any integration to meet these specific needs of the organization.

* Telecommunications Services.

Magnum offers world-class communications infrastructure systems in order to offer world-class communications infrastructure systems in order to offer integration services and also future-proof turnkey solutions to organizations that span over wide geographical areas. These solutions include:

* Subscriber Access Networks
* Public (and private) Service Telephone Network Solutions
* Telecommunications connectivity systems deploying:
o Wireless technologies
o Microwave technologies
o Radio communication technologies
o Satellite technologies

* Integration services

Magnum has the ability to organize and manipulate data from the client’s investments in hardware, software, telecommunications and manpower to solve business problems by bringing complex technologies together to provide compatibility and interoperability among different vendors’ equipment and services. System Integration may encompass:

o Designing and implementing new application systems and information infrastructures, which would include smart Card, Documentation Imaging and management and workflow technologies.
o Upgrading processing systems and existing hardware infrastructure.
o Networking
o Technology Assimilation
o Legacy management
o Systems maintenance

Magnum has the ability to meet these requirements.

Magnum offers customers a broad range of tools for deploying extended enterprises, from business strategies and tactics to key success factors and connectivity models. Savings worksheets and opportunity assessments allow companies to analyse the potential payoff from their investments.
Network Foundation

A solid network foundation is the hallmark of an extended enterprise. This foundation provides total network integration, consolidating supplier and partner networks and resources. Security is paramount, enabling the right people to access the right information, while blocking improper access. Magnum quality of service (QoS) guarantees critical business operations by prioritising network traffic and ensures mission-critical traffic is delivered ahead of lower-priority traffic.
Packaged Applications

Quick, effective networked application deployment is the key to success in the new Network and Internet economy. This is why we often recommend or provide networked applications and when new capabilities are required, rather than spend the time and cost to custom build and support them.
We design software applications to address specific needs that mirror the leading practices in the industry. Magnum provide critical functionality and long-term upgrade support for their products. As new technologies evolve, Magnum expand the features and capabilities of their applications, so companies using those applications can continue to meet their business needs.

Technical and technological capabilities

Magnum, using its partner network, has the technical capability to support the demands of the Information Communication Technology solutions demanded by the Kenyan corporate sector using the resources that the have managed to gain from the partnerships with internationally renowned like Unisys and Satyam ‘ leading integration, services and outsourcing providers dealing with products from many companies which include Cisco, Lucent, IBM, Compaq and Microsoft among others.

The technical team that makes up the Magnum expertise is made up of qualified professionals committed to the quality of service offered by the company.

Their qualifications are as follows:

* Francis a certified Engineer Specialising in Fibre Optic infrastructure. He is our chief Engineer and Project Manager.

* Charles Otieno is certified IT Architect and he heads the Global e-business Integration team with over 10 years of experience in the computer industry. He worked as the Lead System Engineer in the design and implementation of the data digital network backbone (Kenstream) and the Internet Back Bone (JamboNet) for Kenya. His areas of expertise include building corporate WAN’s, Internet Service Providers (ISP), ERP’s and architecture and designing of business solutions.

Charles has also implemented a full operational Windows 2000(DNS, SERVER, Active Directory etc.) at Infusion Kenya Limited and Oakar Services

* Peter Mwai is a Telecommunications engineer, Microsoft Certified Engineer and a Cisco certified and was extensively involved in setting and configuration of the GSM network, Jambonet, Kenstream and Kenpac at Telkom Kenya. He has been involved in setting up some of the largest WAN’s and ISP in this region.

* Peter Karanja is a Siemon Certified Installer and holds a diploma in Electrical Engineering. He has successfully implemented many structured cabling projects in the last 5 years.

* Charles Mwaniki is Technical staff and consultant IT Architect in the e-business Centre of Competence in the EMEA. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. After short spell of teaching in Nigeria he took a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University. His expertise includes the design and performance of large systems, Web technology and mostly developing e-business applications based on Lotus Domino.

* Rinu P Oommen is Software Engineer, Master of Computer Application (MCA) from MK University India, Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) from University of Kerala, India, has also completed Hardware and Network Engineering from Accel IT Academy, Cochin, India (ISO 9001-2000).

* Benroy Koyaya is Operations Manager and in charge of administration. He has a B.Sc. in Engineering from the University of Nairobi and holds a Higher Diploma in Computer Science from Strathmore University. He has over five years experience in the IT industry.

Contact Us:

All Africa conference of churches
4th floor room 15
Waiyaki way,
P.O. Box 66040 ‘ 00800

Tel. 020-2712118

Fax: 020-2712119

Email: tellmagnum@gmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Contact Person: Bartonjo Chesaina

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