Meet Soko Directory Investments Team

By Juma Fred / June 21, 2017

Steve Biko Wafula

Steve Biko Wafula is a legal professional with keen interests in finance and entrepreneurial with over 8 years’ experience in training, mentoring, building capacity and engaging in entrepreneurial activities with the youth across the nation.

He has served in leading roles in various private firms, notably among others Jokakar Capital and Soko Directory Investments, a leading information portal for financial institutions in the EA region.

He has administered several training empowerment programs across the country in conjunction with leading banks in the SME and youth aspects and has developed his career in the entrepreneurial realm to include giving consultancy and advisory services, and capacity building in the latter part of his career.

You can catch him on Twitter @SokoAnalyst

Juma W. Fredrick

Juma Fredrick is a professional journalist who has an interest in shaping conversations in social, political and economic issues in Kenya and beyond.

He has five years of experience in the field with a major in digital, print and broadcasting. Juma has a wide experience in social media having coordinated successful social media campaigns for various brands and companies both in Kenya and beyond.

As a journalist, he has written thousands of journalistic articles published across various platforms touching on a day to day life of the people.

You can catch him on Twitter at @Jumaf3.

David Indeje

David Indeje has ten years’ experience in journalism, development communication, and public relations. He has developed and coordinated public information campaigns in international development, event and content management, press relations, and communications capacity development.

Indeje has a depth of experience providing communications support for multi-sector programs, including business, agriculture and economic growth, education, environment and natural resource management, democracy and governance, health, youth engagement and, women and girls’ empowerment. He excels in translating complex messages and technical information to simple narratives and visuals to promote organizational objectives to a broad audience.

You can interact further with him on Twitter at @David_Indeje.

Vera Shawiza

Vera Shawiza, an in-house journalist at Soko Directory Investments is a passionate, determined and enthusiastic lady with more than four years’ experience in the field of communications. Holding a Bachelors’ Degree in Public Relations and Communications from Moi University coupled with a Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, she ensures that relevant web content is developed for the Company. She also manages social media platforms for our different clients.

Get her on Twitter at @Vera_Shawiza

Amina Faki Martha

Amina Faki is a writer with the Soko Directory since February 2017. She is an enthusiastic Kenyan broadcast and print journalist based in Nairobi, who specializes in feature writing, current affairs, business, technology, and entertainment. She’s an old girl of Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega County and holds a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Interact with her on Twitter @martha_amina

Manzi Cynthia

Manzi Cynthia is a Google certified digital advertiser whose major goal is to change the demographic of digital marketing in Kenya with a special interest in data analytics and digital advertising

Get her on Twitter at @Cindishel

Yvonne Ambete

Yvonne Ambete, is the Administration Manager for Soko Directory where she oversees the overall business operations of the company. Through her attained knowledge and hands-on experience, makes her be a great team player with a keen focus on results exceeding client expectations. She enjoys reading and loves to attend sporting events like rugby and football.

Catch her on Twitter at @ms_ambete

Getrude Matayo

Getrude is an Account Manager at Soko Directory with interest in driving conversation across social media platforms. Dancing is her passion and efficiency is her motto.

Get her on Twitter at @TraceyIva


Josephat Lokeer

Lokeer Josephat is a front end web developer and Graphic designer who currently works at Soko Directory Investments Ltd. He is passionate and proficient in creating static websites with HTML5 and CSS3 as well as CMS websites using WordPress. He is knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Follow him on Twitter at @Lokeer_Josephat

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