Dear Entrepreneur, Stick To What You Believe In

By Juma Fred / October 15, 2017

Dear Entrepreneur,

This is an open letter to you. A letter that should act as the guiding principle, to guide and direct you along the entrepreneurial journey. Read it and gain insight of what you should do.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey. It is like gambling. Sometimes you set off without knowing what is lying ahead. Ahead lies both happiness and sadness. You will be disappointed on several occasions but if you choose to curl your tail and give up, then the term failure gets a real definition and meaning.

Never let go what you believe in. Do not let others direct on how you should invest and act with your business. Many have tried and failed and if you seek guidance from those who have failed before, all they can tell you is how not to do something. Look around you, see who have made it and who have not. Learn from those who never made it and seek guidance from those who have made it.

Have a target. Do not aim so low so that you can easily hit the target. It is better to aim higher and miss the target than to aim low and hit it. If you want to land among the stars, then you have to aim to the moon. If you want to hit the sun, then you have set off during the day. Have a goal, give it your best so that even of you don’t reach it, you will say, “that was my best.”

Have a team that shares your dreams and ideas. Your success in entrepreneurship solely relies on the kind of team you have around you. If you keep a mediocre team, you will certainly have mediocre results. Have zero tolerance to mediocrity and do not entertain even an iota of it in your team. It is better to listen to one rebuke of the wise than the praising songs of a thousand mediocre people.

Above all, trust in God and the power of confession. You are what you confess to be. Watch out what you confess.

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