Dear Entrepreneur, It is Christmas But How Will Your January Be?

By Juma Fred / December 24, 2017

Why Companies Should Treat Their Employees like Customers

The year 2017 has been said to have been the worst year for business. The most affected lot has been entrepreneurs.

The year is almost coming to an end, but as an entrepreneur, what do you have for January? Is it too early to start thinking about it?

Some entrepreneurs are now eating chicken, beat and tapping themselves on the shoulders for a year well fought. Come January, they will no longer be eating chicken but chicken products with others eating like chicken. Others will start complaining how long January will. They will even change its name from January to Njaanuary. But how do you make sure that as Njaanuary comes, you and your business will be at peace?

i) Spend wisely ~ “finishing the year” as some call it does not meaning ravaging everything you have gathered that particular year. Check on your spending. A year has 361 days, Christmas has one day. Which one should you be more worried of? Christmas or the year?

ii) Look for connection ~ take this opportunity to look for new connections and strengthening the ones you have. Do not wait until January to start chasing after your clients to renew contracts. This is the time to do it.

iii) Weed through your team ~ take this time to reflect. If you have a team, look at who made you succeed. Reward them. Look at who made you fail. Drop them. In business, do not tolerate mediocrity. You can tolerate a simple mistake but not mediocrity.

iv) Plan ~ start planning for the new year as early as now. Know what you want and what you don’t. Retain what made your year, discover what taught you a lesson and  drop what you don’t want to remember.

Entrepreneurship is not rhetoric. It is practical. It is what you do that matters not what you brag about.

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