KQ is Rising but Should Address the Plight of Employees

By Juma Fred / December 3, 2017

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As the week came to an end, the markets were hit by some positive news; Kenya Airways had relisted at the NSE and its shares jumped by more than 99 percent.

These were good news and music to the ears of shareholders who have been waiting for years for a glimpse of such news.

The airline seems to be on a positive trajectory and is expected to jump back to profitability in the next few months.

The once vibrant Pride of Africa has managed to reduce its loss by more than 80 percent. It has beaten all odds and if the current restructuring continues, the airline will reclaim its glory.

However, if Kenya Airways wants to fully recover, the management has to address the plight facing their employees.

Just this week, the airline dismissed more than 140 engineers and technicians after they staged a sit-in to complain about their salary appraisal.

The management has already advertised the positions as vacant and is now receiving applications for other professionals to fill them. The dismissed employees are fighting back and the operations might be affected given the fact that engineers and technicians are a very key component of every airline.

Kenya Airways need to know that you don’t solve a problem by acting the ostrich way of burying the head in the sand hoping the storm will pass by. You can fill a dangerous hole by digging another dangerous hole.

A stable and strong team determines the success of every business. For KQ to recover, it needs a strong team, a motivated team that shares the values and the ideals of the airline.

The management of Kenya Airways should have first listened to the demonstrating engineers and technicians before issuing them with dismissal letters. Now travelers are not sure whether the planes they are using have been serviced by those who should be doing that have been dismissed.

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