OkHi Records 100,000 Successful Deliveries in Nairobi  

By David Indeje / December 20, 2017

OkHi Records 100,000 Successful Deliveries in Nairobi  

OkHi -“Okay Hi”, a Nairobi based startup has successfully achieved 100,000 deliveries in Nairobi by launching a new mobile app for users to own and share their location to connect to the businesses and people they want.

OkHi is a software solution that provides accurate delivery for businesses in Nairobi, Kenya. The delivery person receives from OkHi the user’s mapped coordinates and a picture of the front of their house.

“Our goal is for OkHi to be the solution that empowers people to be found, and as a result be included in the new digital economy. OkHi addresses location in a completely new way, allowing people to own, update and customize their location to share with the people and services they want, without the frustration of battling the ‘uko wapi’ challenge” explained  Co-Founder and CEO Timbo Drayson.

With the upgraded app, people will now easily own, customize and share their location with other and businesses they trust.

The free-to-access app for consumers will enable them to save multiple locations including home and work, and to share directions to these locations with ease. “All this is done with the highest attention to the privacy and security of data – app users are able to control who gets access to their locations at the tip of their fingers without worry.”

Key functionalities also include the ability to hail a cab directly from the app as well as access a host of services such as food delivery.

Co-Founder Timbo Drayson highlighted “After research and testing, we learned that normal directions continue to be one of the largest constraints. The battle of identifying a location by speedbumps and trees is still commonplace. Access to services hinges on accurate location identification, so we’re now giving users a better way to own their location and control who accesses it.”

On top of its location based solution, OkHi has built a custom delivery technology stack to enable businesses to be able to access OkHi more easily within their own infrastructure and integrate seamlessly into their consumer checkout flow. OkHi can help businesses save upto 20 percent on delivery costs while significantly improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Timbo Drayson and Navraj Ghataura founded the digital startup in 2014.

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