Have a Taste of Telkom Kenya’s 1GB Daily Bundle

By Juma Fred / December 4, 2017

Telkom Kenya has come up with amazing products since its rebranding. Among the goodies that were offered to its customers was the free WhatsApp product that left many people socially connected

Telkom Kenya now has a 1GB daily bundle. The 1GB Daily data bundle from Telkom Kenya is just an amazing product that every person should be scrambling for.

The data is going for just 99 shillings and it has a lifetime of 24 hours. From the information posted on their website, Telkom Kenya says that a customer is at liberty to subscribe to the same bundle before the expiry of the existing one and that once one has subscribed to a new bundle before the expiry of the existing bundle, the new data bundle balance will accumulate onto the existing balance.

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