Dear Entrepreneur, These are 12 Things You Should Do in 2018

By Juma Fred / January 7, 2018

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January is moving on, slowly like a snail for many Kenyans. Those who had prepared for it are smiling and those who had squandered all they had in December are having it rough.

2017 was a tough year for most entrepreneurs. Thousands of them closed down their businesses due to the tough and stiff business environment.

Many a times, entrepreneurs worry about their businesses and forget about themselves; their well-being.

To be successful in 2018, as an individual, you need to do the following 12 things:

i) Quit smoking ~ it kills you slowly and reduces how people consider you.

ii) Quit alcohol intake ~ forget the analogy of “little alcohol is good for your stomach”.

iii) Flee from porn ~ it makes you a slave and keeps you busy doing nothing but destroying yourself.

iv) Flee from masturbation ~ it reduces your dignity and keeps you feeling guilty always.

v) Psyche your mind ~ it makes you alert always.

vi) Eat more vegetables and fruits ~ it is the only natural way to be healthy

vii) Drink enough water ~ it keeps your brain refreshed, your skin glowing and makes you healthy.

viii) Avoid any form of sex-enhancing drugs ~ they kill the real you and take away what you believe in.

ix) Do not do drugs ~ as an entrepreneur, you know what drugs can do to a human being.

x) Don’t be too anxious ~ it gives you headaches, takes away your concentration and leaves you hopeless and frustrated. Stay calm always.

xi) Practice effective communication ~ it is only through communication that people get to learn, know each other and grow. Effective communication is two-way; there is both talking and listening.

xii) Move closer to God ~ though some don’t believe in God, make an effort to seek him. Set aside a day to thank Him and ask him for whatever good you want. He does wonders for those who have faith.

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