Kenyans at It Again With Survival Tips for the Month of January

By Juma Fred / January 5, 2018

Kenyans are at it again with some of the funniest survival tips some of them are using just to go through the month of January.

The month is called ‘January’ but Kenyans call it ‘Njaanuary’ with the first four letters having been derived from a Swahili word ‘Njaa’ translated to mean ‘hunger’. In other words, for many Kenyans, January or Njaanuary is the ‘month of hunger.’

Having literally conquered the month of December by spending like kings and queens, Kenyans finally face the reality of life in the month of January with ‘yawning’ pockets and “echoing” houses.

During the festive season, most Kenyans were eating chicken, graduated to eating chicken products like eggs and now, they are down to earth, eating like chicken.

Many Kenyans believe that January is the ‘longest’ month of each year. It is only five days since the year began, but most Kenyans seem to have already gone through ‘two weeks’ of January.

As it is the norm of Kenyans, they took to the social media to give their tales of how January is taking them and here are some of them:


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