Putting HF Group into Perspective: Separating Chaff from Facts

By Juma Fred / January 12, 2018

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There has been a lot of talk about Housing Finance Group in the past few months and tongues have been wagging about it.

A lot that has been flying around the social media, prompted me to want to look deeper into the HF Group and try to separate the chaff from facts.

With a company whose main vision is to be a leading provider of integrated solutions for the acquisition, development, and improvement of property in Kenya, a lot is surely expected from them.

Fact 1: The HF Group is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). Despite the numerous misleading reports that the Group has been ailing on the stock market, data retrieved shows that the group’s shares have been in an average of between 10 and 12 shillings per share for the last 12 months.

The image below shows how HF Group has been performing at the NSE for the last 12 months:

From the image above, the HF Group’s share price at the NSE has been relatively stable with the highest being more than 12 shillings per share. The share price represented is a monthly share price.

The bar graph below shows how HF Group has performed in the last 12 and half months:

As the New Year kicks off, HF Group is still steady at the NSE with an average share price being at 10.33 shillings per share.

The table below shows how HF has been performing between 2nd January 2018 and 10th January 2018:

In December 2017, the Housing Finance Foundation has started incorporating artisans in its key projects as part of the Group’s efforts to bridge the technical skills gap in Kenya.

The program, which was rolled out in partnership with the German Corporation for International Development (GIZ), supports trainees in selected institutions.

Caroline Sikasa HF foundation senior program manager said the aim is to enable the artisans to gain hands-on training in occupations related to the construction sector and facilitate practical internship opportunities.

“Under this program, we recently hosted a mentorship forum for 75 artisans at our Komarock Heights development in Nairobi,” she said during the launch of the partnership.

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